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Thread: 81 EX Lancer - NZ style

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    81 EX Lancer - NZ style

    been building this one up for a few years now, its come a long way since i got it and theres still a wee way to go yet

    here it is the day i picked it up from the wreckers for $200

    first up was to remove the dirty leaky 4G11 powerhouse

    and shit as 4 speed

    which made room for the NA 4G63 and sigma 5 speed

    a couple modifications were needed to make it fit and work nicely..

    pushed a small section of the firewall back a a bit to make room for the cas and water outlet.

    swapped the end over on the inlet manifold

    made this to go on the existing water pump

    in goes the engine


    made up a surge tank and bracket for fuel pumps in the boot

    once the engine was in and running it was off to the painters after my hours and hours of preparation

    only spots of rust were at the bottom of the front pillars. i think i got very lucky with this car having so little rust! 8) also it was really straight considering how old it is

    shiney! 8)

    luckily right about this time i found another very rusty EX out on a farm, which i used for parts to replace anything on mine that was missing, broken or had been lost during the 6-7 months it was at the painters. also this model had more chrome trim than my other door handles inside and out and also the dash cluster which had a tacho where the other didn't.

    after a few nights in the garage it was back together (outside the garage actually)

    now that its looking good its time to get it low 8)

    this was achieved with some shorter shocks and compressed springs ^ these are the back ones compared to stock

    pretty low indeed :lol:

    got the dash recovered as the brown and cracked one wasn't doing it for me

    now the interior is all miss matched :shock: but thats a job for another day...

    from here i went through a couple different wheel choices

    Till i settled on the 14" SSR longchamps - 7" front and 8" rear

    LOVE these wheels!

    so thats pretty much where im at with it today.

    soon though i will be putting this into it...

    it came out of an RVR turbo sport wagon, was just a standard engine with about 130thousand kms on it so as soon as funds allow i will be stripping it down and rebuilding it. so in the mean time i've just been collecting parts for it, BOV, wastegate, t3t4 turbo, manifolds etc etc. i will probably end up running an aftermarket ecu but at this stage i don't know what.

    i also got very lucky and picked up this wreck a week or so ago

    Factory turbo EX GSR these are like rocking horse poo over here!
    so when it comes to the engine swap ill be taking from it this;
    front struts
    brake booster
    gearbox internals
    sway bar

    and will be able to sort out my gross interior if these seats n carpets clean up alright..

    hopefully wont be too long before all this happens so stay tuned. ill try update regularly.

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    Re: 81 EX Lancer - NZ style

    you' f***** amazing bro.... :tu: :tu: :tu: :tu:

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    Re: 81 EX Lancer - NZ style

    Great build!

    I love the color scheme and wheel choice. keep up the good work.

    Also, great job on the water pipe!

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    Re: 81 EX Lancer - NZ style

    cheers guys, i will keep it up here's todays efforts

    couple mins after this pic it started pissing down and hailing! :evil: :evil:

    dog wanted to get in and cover it in hair asap

    out of 3 cars worth of plastics i finally have a full set of mint unbroken panels and trim, clips and all! used mostly the grey bits from the gsr but still had to use a couple of brown bits i had so i just painted most of the bits black.
    Still need to paint a couple more bits but already looks approximately 1205931 times better than this

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    Re: 81 EX Lancer - NZ style

    Looking good! Keep up the good work!

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