Hi everybody

My name is Hendrik or Jimi whatevers going at the time better known on the internetz as Zammo(TheChoppa) been into cars my whole life and im not really new ive been a long time lurker and ol skool toyota fanatical nutjob for decades.

anyway got a few classics about to come to life and i feel i should post them up here

First a little back ground info, abit over a decade ago i had an RT40 with an 18RG and i loved it things happen and for nearly a decade ive not had a classic toyo to play with and have recently changed that. So without further adue i introduce my old RT40

sorry about the potato quality pics (digicams wernt big in the early 2000s)

i loved that car and now felt the need for another so i picked up a cheap 1968 RT40 automatic on the otherside of the country to fix up.

the missing manual bits and body mouldings were proving hard to find but another cheap manual RT40 deluxe turned up so i got that too


the hunt for an 18RG began, found a local RA23 celica that was for sale that had a mostly rebuilt RG that came with it
so i made an offer and got an absolute bargain.

On a related side note a friend of mine bought the RA23 and we are doing a 1JZ-GTE conversion on it

^^ this is important for several reasons the RA has a spankin new W50 and a 18R-C with mallory twin point distributer oh and some performance/minilite style wheels. Why is this important you ask well i can "have" them since they are not required for the sillycar.

Back to Coronas for a minnit some good buys turned up on Egay

Full bucket seat interior retrimmed in a ok fabric and colour real cheap

& a Km/h speedo

Then the unthinkable happened an old RT81 came up cheap complete with DVD touchscreen, sparkley disco paint, Automatic and seized 12R well i couldnt pass it up (as i need the disk brake frontend anyway)

So now we will put the motor, box & wheels from the sillycar into the RT81 do a few tidy the body type things lower it and have cheap cruiser while we build the other two cars above

there are extensive plans for all but the green car (yeah right) but i will keep them for induvidual build threads that i will start in the next few weeks.

dont think i missed anything .......... oh yeah the RT40 will be sparkley too

that will do for now i guess feel free to ask me any Qs

and hope you all enjoy what i might post in the future (be warned but, i intend to cut up and butcher the RT40 somewhat and purists may hate that)