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Thread: 1975 celica TA22

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    1975 celica TA22

    Hey guys,
    Though I'd finally start a thread about my first celica that I bought back in 2004.

    Year : 1975
    Model : LT Celica
    Chassis : TA22 (Australian Spec)
    Motor : 2T-G (had it when I bought it)
    Carburettor : Solex ADDH (from an Alpha Romeo)
    G/Box : T50
    DIff : Standard

    Green one on the right

    As it stands today

    Fibre glass glove box insert from Nathan aka Riceburna (Toymods)

    The interior is pretty standard

    It became a storage compartment for a long time

    I plan to keep it standard with the hub caps

    This is what it looked like before I started stripping the paint

    My plans for this car is to build it, drive it and keep it out of the garage as much as possible.

    I've already started building the motor for it

    2T 09 block (I had to clearence the block to fit the 3T crank)
    3T 78mm crank
    3T rods (lightened)
    3T 1.5mm ACL over size pistons
    ARP head studs
    Camtech 210* @ 0.050 camshaft with 110 LSA with .252" lift @ valve.
    32/36 Weber
    Agawa 4.2kg flywheel
    RPM HD clutch kit

    I'm up to the stage of match porting the head, intake and exhaust manifolds.

    That's it for now, I should have more updates in a few weeks time.

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    Re: 1975 celica TA22

    Sweet celica, my car is a garage queen, always broken

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    Re: 1975 celica TA22

    Love where you are going with your build, Im sure when its done you will cave in to some nicer wheels though (peer pressure)

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