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Thread: GX13 1974 Corona Mark II Sedan

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    GX13 1974 Corona Mark II Sedan

    I Had to make a Post before i could post Images :|

    See next post

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    Hi all, ive been a Corona Mark II Nut for quite a Few years now.
    Had 7 Sedans and one coupe (the coupe was stolen and written off )

    Here in Australia we only got the 6 cylinder powered Beasts with the M in the early MX10/MX22 and the 4M in the later MX13/MX23.

    Im Running a NA 1GGE in my car atm, I use to have the running gear in a 71 MX10 but it had some serious rust issues (football sized hole in the passengers side A piller, bogged up countless times) and So here's a rough run down of the rebuild.

    And soon we got stuck into the Mx10

    Interiors/dashes were then taken apart... and the wiring loom trace began....... so did the headaches

    A W55 was sourced from Trumps in Wynyard plus a 1G bellhousing from melbourne - No more blowing T-50s apart : . The starter motor had had it on my 1G, so we got a T series starter, They WILL NOT fit a G series bellhousing. Even after cutting the backing plate to suit the larger diameter for the T series starter the Throwout gear will not meet up with a G series flywheel. ???

    Fuel pump fitted, lines modified to suit..... Re-wiring begun = more headaches.

    Engine in the MX13 and what was left of the MX10

    Replaced rear wheel cylinders........

    Swapping the shockies over was just another headache.... when i fitted the front shocks the little metal tab on the top of the shock broke off so the only way to undo them was to hack one of the rubber bushes out and use vice grips.

    Just about everything back together.......

    And here it is at the most recent cruise we had, Mines the yellow beast second from the left in the front row

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    Mark IIs are bad arse. Welcome to JNC :tu:

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    Looks great :tu:

    Is the Mark II popular down there? Did they sold in huge numbers? I've seen only seen 1 on our roads in many years. They were quite a few of them but now a rare sight on road. Many went to the scrappies.. :cry:

    If I'm not mistaken, the Ultraman crew did use the coupe version :lol:

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    When they first came out they sold quite a few in aus, the early "flat tail light" MX10 was imported in limited numbers (aprox 600 cars) to see how they would sell in the country. Proof of this is between the chassis numbers on my old Blue MX10 and the Dark Green one in the last pic, there roughly 300 cars apart in the production line from japan.

    The later MX13 was offered straight from the show room floor, but are now very rare. (ive had 5 MX13's)

    Coupes of both the MX22 and MX23 were only available as direct imports and to customers orders, Around 500 MX22's were brought in this way. (i Know of 4 left i the country) Around 1200 of the later MX23 were also imported. But there a rare sight on our roads now days

    One of my good mates has a MX22 sitting in his shed, were in the process of doing a 1UZFE conversion to it :twisted: it'll hammer! Rather tight fit though, 11.5mm clearance on the passenger side and 12mm clearance on the drivers.

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    mark 2

    just got myself a 74 mark 2, would you happen to have some extra body parts or know where some can be found?

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