Hi all,
just to introduce myself.
I am steven , username stevanom, and I have been a japanese classic toyota fan since 1981 when I bought my first car at the age of 18. I had about 400 USD as a student and bought a 12 year old 1969 corolla KE15 Sprinter with that money. The idea was that if it would last one year, it would be a great purchase...
Today it is still there and is 43 years old, drives like a dream, was used to drive to city hall and church when I got marries twenty years ago and still looks great.
The collection has grown and what followed are a 1984 crown ms123 super saloon, 1972 ta22, 1986 t16, 1987 st162 convertible, 1988 ma70, 1978 MS88 station and the ultimate dream I hope to own one day is a Lexus LS400. But someway I have the feeling that one day the collection should shrink, plus not all the cars are on the road since insurance and road tax also count...
I have been married for 20 years now and have five children and a great wife.
We live in Belgium outside the city. I work in Financial Planning, investments, tax planning.
Nice to be here and I hope to meet many Japanese car fever people :-)