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Thread: Hello Fellow Japanese Nostalgic Car lovers

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    Hello Fellow Japanese Nostalgic Car lovers

    I am shouting out from phoenix arizona (i move around) usa -I drive (now) a 91 camwagon :tu:
    I love these 2nd generation wagons... I've had many toyotas -and loved them all... I have had many cars in general
    american -euro -and japanese... I love older cars -because the style basically... I find them a lot more attractive than most newer cars... I want to learn ALL I can about what parts I can interchange -or mod -for my baby...

    As ov late -she is mostly stock -less suspension -which is how i got her -some near 10 years ago... I have very little money -so knowing what parts i can interchange and score from junk yards -would be ideal...

    i'm into many styles -and the rat look is one... I have painted her long-roof pink and gave a splash (coming from passenger side) ov lime green -fading into pink -on her hood... this was done with house paint XD

    I also trimmed the rims with pink -and put white wall tires on her... surprisingly it makes her look even older -which is what i was/am going for... i choose the colours (pink mostly) due to the fact that when i moved her she needed a title change and turned 20 -so i wanted a more classic look (american rod classic -yet with a japanese car) and to make her seem more desert like (she is factory metal flake blue by the way) and i am VERY pleased with the result...

    i will post pictures shortly ov her with the new paint -though for now -i have one ov her -the last time she saw snow (yet sadly a move is in planning -which will include snow. I don't mind snow -though for her -a bit rusty undercarriage in not fun in my head :cry: -yet i will try and protect her as best i can).

    till then -thanx for having me -i hope to make some friends on here -maybe local even -though i love having internet friends from around the world (i went to an international prep school and was only one ov three americans).
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