So I'm Seth, I am 24, I have a degree from UTI, I am working as a tech at a Honda dealer and I am going to school for Mechanical/Electrical Engineering. Last season I raced my step father's Mazda RX-8 in autocross and ever since then I wanted to get a project car for racing. I've raced my Subaru WRX wagon a few times but the fact that it's my daily driver and is prone to having a glass transmission I didn't want to blow it up. My requirements for a project car was that it had to be light, naturally aspirated, rear wheel drive and have pop up headlights. Most would go with a Miata but I wanted something different. So through my searching I found this a 1986 Toyota MR2 on the good old Craigslist that I picked up for $650. It's actually in pretty good shape for being a 26 year old car but the catch is that it only runs on 3 cylinders. Cylinder 4 has no compression. So my plan is to swap in a 20 valve 4AGE and race it hopefully before the end of this season.

My build thread can be found here.

Now on to the pictures!

There's a little rust here and there but it's not a big deal. Just natural weight reduction.

The 16 valve 4AGE. Running on 3 cylinders. It'll get pulled and in its place a 20 valve silver top 4AGE will go.

Still has the factory badge on the hood.

I love flip up headlights.

The frunk. Pretty clean, still has its factory tool set, spare tire and all the correct plastic bits and they're not cracked.

The interior. No rips in the seats and no cracks in the dash. Has power windows, power mirrors and power door locks that all work and the sunroof works too!

Can't wait to take it autocrossing.

And as of 9-23-12 here's how the engine sits.