Hi everyone, my name is steve and Im from central NY with a garage full of microcars... been a member of the microcar bunch for about 30 yrs and a big follower of Jap K class cars and such..

In my collection of rolling oddities include 3 isettas, Heinkel kabine, 2 Subaru 360 vans, BD Litestar, Elcar Zelle,
HMV Freeway, and BUBU 501...

My current restoration is a 69 Subie van from VA nice and clean, rust free, with a spare... 7 engines and a lot of dreams..

The Bubu 501 is quirky 50cc sub K microcar, and can be seen on you tube under my screen name scg13803 check it out...
I live for microcars, and especially the Jap K class autos.. previous cars include a few honda 600s (all types) Suzuki early sprints (and turbos), a Jimmy or two, a rotary datsun, and Diahatsu trike..
got questions? email me ! scg13803@yahoo.com