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Thread: My 1988 323 GT, and a few questions...

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    My 1988 323 GT, and a few questions...

    I guess I could've posted this earlier... I actually bought the car nearly a year ago, but in my mind it's not a JNC - I'm a few years behind reality. lol

    Anyway, it's a '88 323 GT - 1.6L B6-Turbo engine. Basically, the FWD sedan version of the 323 GT-X everyone knows and loves - but there were 1,587 GT-Xs sold in the states and a rough estimate(not even MazdaUSA had any idea) of 880 GTs.

    Picked this one up, running/driving/clean title for $400. I just had to have it, not only is it a car I've always admired(family had a '88 323 SE hatch, which I bought from my dad in '07, did a 5 speed swap, lots of LX/GTX/Tracer upgrades), it's the particular car I saw parked in a part of St. Louis I'd go in every few months, for the past decade. My brother and I(Mazda enthusiasts from birth, thanks to our Mazda Master Tech dad) would always proclaim 'There's that 323 GT!' when we would pass it.

    Basically all I've done to it has been replacing the rear struts(oh yeah, these have ASA struts(Adjustable Shock Absorbers)), both had been replaced by non-adjustable struts and one was blown, replaced the VAF since the previous owner screwed with it, cobbled up an intake/K&N cone, replaced the full center caps(2 were custom out of heater duct, PO was an odd-ball) with center of wheel caps, SA-RX-7 steering wheel... and a lot of detailing/removing spray paint overspray.

    I need to come up with one drivable 185/60/14 tire and replace the driver's window regulator before it comes out of... my basement. Oh, and replace my sliding door with French doors. LOL

    Here's some pics:

    Now then, I'm currently drowning in 7 Mazdas. I really want to work my way down to 4 at most, one needs a transmission then will be sold, another I don't think I can get a title for so it'll probably be parted out, and the 323 GT will probably be passed on to someone wanting to take it farther than I do... and of course, another Mazda will come next.

    So here's my main questions:
    1. What all is involved in importing a 25 year old or more(AKA, legal to import) car?
    2. Costs?
    3. For those with 1st generation Carols(I thought I remember seeing at least one posted here), what would be a decent price for a Carol? What would I want to look for? Suppose I got one in decent shape, are these cars reasonably reliable on a daily basis?

    Been throwing around the idea of getting a Carol, especially the coupe variant, but I'd settle for a sedan. I've always wanted to own a Kei car, and I've always wanted to own a pre-'79 Mazda, so it seems like a decent solution to both. I've thought about a Chantez too, but they're harder to find. There was a Carol on Goo-Net Exchange for $3,500 a few weeks back, and that's what really got me thinking about it. I

    Are there other websites you guys browse for exportable cars from Japan?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: My 1988 323 GT, and a few questions...

    good to see the BF chassis getting some love around here

    A question about the ASAs - can you still buy them in the States? I've been searching for replacement ones here in NZ and in Japan, with no luck so far.

    Have a look on Yahoo Used Car for vehicles (run it thru a translator if required) - their stocklist seems to vary quite a bit from Goo-net.

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    Re: My 1988 323 GT, and a few questions...

    I replaced the rear struts on my car back at the end of April, and spent days searching for ASAs. No luck. I checked in the Mazda parts system and there's 1 new ASA strut in the US - a GT-X left rear. Lol

    My rears were replaced long in the past with non-ASAs and the right rear was blown so I replaced both. The fronts work perfectly fine and I have extra actuators from the previous owner. Can't wait to get this car out, but I need to replace the sliding patio door with French doors first.

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