I just wanted to let you guys know that we have free shop manuals available for 1986-89 Honda Accords to download at the threegeez wiki,this is available for anyone at any site to help those who own these cars. We have the manual for overseas and the shop manual for the USDM cars is up now I think, we also have the electrical troubleshooting manual up in pdf form, I think it's the 89 but most of the electrical is the same in the generation, just wanted to pass this on, and let you know it's there if you need it. We have lots of JNC members on the main site and hopefully this info will help someone else out who needs it. :mrgreen: the engine information in the shop manuals also applies to 2nd generation Preludes that use the same A20,

here's the link, you don't need to be a forum member or anything to use this, lots of useful info up on there and it's available to anyone