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Thread: '82 Xt130 Corona wagon build!

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    '82 Xt130 Corona wagon build!

    Here it is, the $400 bomb that I've ruined haha.

    I got it off an old man after noticing it sit in his back yard for a while. Started to slap stickers on, clean up the motor/interior and spend waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much money on it. Chucked on a Weber, Jap 3 piece wheels and dropped it on it's ass. Currently it's got choppies in the front, and 2" blocks in the back, have 2.5's to go in but too lazy, and about to reset the leafs anyway so... Has 13x8 SSR Focus Racing's currently on the front and 14x7 Centerlines on the back. The Toyota 1X is backed by a 5sp going to a Borg Warner diff. It's got a 32/36 Weber, Electric ignition, Will Power's KnN filter from his Formula Ford on and a reground cam.

    If you have any questions or would like to talk more feel free to PM me! Or better yet add me on Facebook

    Upside down. Don't even care.

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    Re: '82 Xt130 Corona wagon build!

    Nice Corona man, kinda reminds me of mine a little bit. so what front end is that exactly, not used to seeing it.

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    Re: '82 Xt130 Corona wagon build!

    "Upside down. Don't even care."


    Nice car man

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    Re: '82 Xt130 Corona wagon build!

    Front end is the Australian delivered 'late model' facelift. Not much of a fan of the quad light's. Your wagon is fucking sweet man, so jelly!

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    Re: '82 Xt130 Corona wagon build!

    So, I got a second job (I'm a Kindergarten teacher) and with all this extra $$ I ordered a Gilmer belt drive kit, reset my leafs and ordered a pair of 14x8 SSR MkII's. Pics up soon. And massive shotgun pipes are on the cards very soon as well.

    PLUS, I'm buying a grandpa spec MX83 for $500 next week to daily, so the wagon will sport a locked diff and low low low suspension (Y)

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    Re: '82 Xt130 Corona wagon build!

    Thoughts on new look?? I love it but have heard a few mixed reviews...

    Just bought a pair of 14x7 Impul Hoshino's so they will be put on front and my SSR's on the front will be on the back. Untill my widened 14x8.5 Corona steelies get back from the shop then they might sit on the back, or live in the boot haha

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    Re: '82 Xt130 Corona wagon build!

    it looks perfect as is..... i want a wagon soo bad

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