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Thread: One owner 66' JDM Crown!

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    One owner 66' JDM Crown!


    I got into the whole nostalgic car scene with the influence of a friend of mine and ever since i saw classic cars in his perspective.. i was h00ked!

    The story began one day while i was at school lurking an Australian car forum and came across a thread where a forum member had posted something about an 80 year old man wanting to sell his crown.

    So i was thinking ... hm mm ... one owner? JDM? 40 series crown? Manual?


    As the front of my shorts began to lift at an alarming rate i quickly got my phone and texted this forum member(i believe silvera23 on here?) straight away

    Got the contact details of this old mans number and called him straight away!

    A short, struggling conversation with the old man, i organized too meet him the same day... i cut school early and made my way too his

    Allan was his name, we started having a chat and got on really well, he started explaining the cars history too me and told me that he wish he could have kept the car but it was getting too uncomfortable for him too drive and any unexpected moves to a retirements homes means that he wont be able to park his crown in his 1 space garage(He also owns a Getz)

    (BELOW: I took a sneaky pic of it when i got there; Sorry your going to have to do a neck breaker for this one)

    He explained too me that he bought the car brand new in 1968 for roughly $3,000

    (BELOW: Pics he took in 68' - after installing a vinyl top)

    (BELOW: Ass shot - unfortunantly the rear plating had gotten damaged some years ago so he took it off ;()

    The car had been only driven on long trips and has 90,000 miles on the clock, he had a major service done 2 years ago but didn't make much use of it because unfortunately he suffered a stroke - so he stored it in his garage.

    (BELOW: The lil thing comin out of the garage after 2 years in solitary confinement)

    (BELOW: Other Angle of the escaped prisoner)

    (BELOW: little visor he installed - he also has side skirts for the rear that he also gave me)

    Look at how good the vinyl roof and paint turned up after all these years!!!

    If you noticed he also had some head rests installed on the bench seats, there's a few wear and tear elements too the car but overall its clean! no rust!

    (BELOW: inside)

    [b](BELOW: inside - you can see little wear and tear in the seats here)[b]

    (BELOW: he sure loved his accessories - i do have the ash tray to fit into that missing puzzle)

    Me and Allan have remained in contact and are friends... i am very privileged and honored that he would choose me for his prized possession

    Hopefully i can keep it alive for another 40 years too come!

    My plans for the car:

    Lower (Not fussed at the moment will do some time down the road)
    Install a sound system
    General tidy up of engine bay, interior, exterior etc...
    Paint is already s e x, a good polish is all that needs to be done
    Possibly a new set of wider wheels that fill out the guards down the track

    The car currently has the original M motor, Straight 6 2L and i am planning to keep it the same till it dies and then will think about some more exotic options

    Car is currently registered and road worthy and i still kept the original plates!

    I am happy with the car as is and my main concern is just going to be too keep it running nicely and looking tip t o p!

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    Re: One owner 66' JDM Crown!

    Polished the front bumper and surrounds with some chrome polish... thinking of doing the grill tommorow with some super fine steel wool to get in the tough to reach places

    Shinnnnnnnyyy.. going too look really nice when the grill is done

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    Re: One owner 66' JDM Crown!

    Wow! What a find! Can't wait to see where this one goes.

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    Re: One owner 66' JDM Crown!

    Nice one! That looks immaculate. Cool that you got some old pictures of it.

    (There's one of these for sale in Ontario right now for $15k.)

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    Re: One owner 66' JDM Crown!

    Hey bos, loving the Crown! Can't wait to see her with a drop

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    Re: One owner 66' JDM Crown!

    Very cool find. Can not wait to see some pictures of it all clean.

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    Re: One owner 66' JDM Crown!

    Car's idling a bit funny... i was playing around with the carby a little and got it idling nice but after the car being off for a while and sitting it went back to idle at higher rpms(around 1250-1500 to be exact - sometimes even higher), also when driving it struggles to accelerate at times

    Come to think of it i replaced a positive battery terminal and half asses it on - had troubles fitting it in so current must not be going through properly... i might get a new one and see if that fix's the problems above.. or maybe its a vacuum leak some where

    And other updates of the car - i took out the old radio too see if i can find out why its not working and after that i will be planning to put a sound system in in the next week or two, woo finally i will have sound!

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    Re: One owner 66' JDM Crown!

    It saddens me to hear you're going to modify this classic. I wouldn't touch a thing.

    Best of luck with it all.

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    Re: One owner 66' JDM Crown!

    All i'm doing is a sensible sound system upgrade(finally will have something too listen too) and maybe lowering in the long run


    Fixed the battery terminal, car still seems to be idling a little funny and struggles to accelerate when changing gears, the more i drive it the less it becomes frequent so im thinking maybe because its been sitting for 2 years the fuel remaining in the tank mixing with the 95 octane that i filled up(only high grade available in that petrol station) must of done some shiat too it...

    Thinking to run it low then fill up full with 98 octane and see if that fix's the problem

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    Re: One owner 66' JDM Crown!

    Cool looking and seems like a great project. Thanks to the older pictures I can imagine it on the road in years past as well. Happy driving.

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