Hi all,

Been in to old Japanese cars since I was a kid, can still remember the likes of Datsun 100A's & 120Y's and Toyota Starlets & Corollas being regular sights on the roads over here and if you were lucky you'd get to see 240Z. My 1st love was a mid 70's Toyota Celica TA23 in white with a black vinyl roof and my teenage dream car was the Mk2 Celica Supra and fate dealt me a happy blow when I managed to find 1 that had been garaged for 14 years and bought it for the measley sum of 300 about 3 years ago. Since then I have been slowly restoring her back to roadworthy condition as and when I could afford it.

This is what she looks like at the moment, the matt black is temporary until I can afford a full respray

Will post up pics of the rebuild soon 8)