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Thread: updated corona mark II pics. plans.

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    updated corona mark II pics. plans.

    here are some more pics.
    The trunk is being prepped fro the rhino liner, and is getting a lot of attention. amp/subwoofers. batteries, first aid kit, etc. it's gonna be awesome. i"ll post some mock-up pics tonight.
    8r motor is finished. msd ignition, head/valve job, weber carb, 32/36. pertronix ignitor, 2.25", manifold back exhaust pipe and magnaflow muffler. (way too loud.) I got laid off from work, so I'm able to spend all day on the car. this is happening faster than I thought. a roll cage is going in also, maybe this week. I'm having the main hoop bent, then i'll do the rest.

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    Very nice... interior pictures? :tu:

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    Please copy your post (you can use the edit button on the right to grab all the IMG code) and paste it in your original thread. Keeps things organized 8)


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