Hey all,

Stumbled upon this cool website in my search for information about my newly purchased 67' 1500.
she starts, drives and cruises along nicely until i reach 3rd where she starts losing acceleration horribly.
after retuning the dizzy and setting my points right the problem still occurred so i removed the dizzy altogether and found my vacuum advance was completely seized! im now on a quest to completely replace the distributor and everything on it.

I was hoping someone on here would be able to tell me what make and model my distributor is, as it is only stamped with "L-2"

Do the later model distributors used on the 1800's and b1200's fit my engine? or any aftermarkets at all?

Ideally i want to replace just the vacuum advance but if its easier (which it seems to be) replace the dizzy itself with a make that has more parts easily available.

I probably sound like a massive newbie here but im new to this and figured restoring a little mazda was the best way to start and learn.