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Thread: Motor opinions

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    Motor opinions

    So, I have a TE72 and the current motor is nearing the end of its life. If I had to guess, it has 1 year left, maybe 2 if I dont drive much.

    With that said I have been contemplating motor options and want to get everyones opinion and ideas.

    Currently I am leaning heavily towards a 3 or 5vzfe mated to a W55 trans, if the manual bellhousing will match up. There are 3 main reasons for wanting to go this route.
    1. The motor should be sitting further back and thus giving a slightly better weight distribution. (Does this seem plausable)
    2. More power and torgue then the 3t stock.
    3. More parts available.

    I am also considering sticking with the stock motor since they are cheap to build and that requires nothing to make one fit lol.

    So, what is everyone's opinion on what motor I should look into and why? And I wont be considering an S motor. My alltrac has that covered lol.

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    Re: Motor opinions

    4agze or 22retc?

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