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Thread: datsun B310 1978-1980

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    datsun B310 1978-1980

    Hi am from Kenya Lover of Old Skools to death am Frank i own a datsun b310 as per the Internet but the logo on ma car says B210 i gat this from ma dad though it was just laying there in the yard .its a left hand American spec 5speed mechanical wise its ok but am searching for window chrome Trims ,rubbers for the windows and most of all Rear lenses and origina bumpers with shock's. i want restore this baby of mine could you guys help?
    there is one that caught my eye from the group Te72_sunny its the exact model hes got.

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    Re: datsun B310 1978-1980

    i have an 82 210(b310).where you from?at my local junk yard there is one with all the trimming ins left.

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    Re: datsun B310 1978-1980

    hi thanks for the reply am in kenya based in nairobi the capital city and i would appreciate if you would organize for me . What about rear lights and if possible please get me photos. :tu:

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