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Thread: 1982 Honda Civic SL

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    1982 Honda Civic SL

    Hey guys I'm Sergio and I own a little Honda civic that was born in 1982.
    She has been kept in my opinion very neat.

    -Beaded Seat covers
    -Sheepskin steering wheel covers and seat belt buddies
    -Dash mat
    -Smelly tree
    - Enkei 92s 15x7 on 195-50s

    Always serviced at Honda
    full engine rebuild

    If anyone knows where I can get coilovers for her or how to make her 'stanced' or lower please help me out cheers!
    I Have found a picture of the exact car before I owned it on this forum!

    My ex.

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    Re: 1982 Honda Civic SL

    I like it,

    how much did you pick it up for?

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    Re: 1982 Honda Civic SL

    she cost me 2gs when I picked her up

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    Re: 1982 Honda Civic SL

    Well done,

    roomy in the back?

    Manual? i really like the wheel / paint combo for some reason hahaha - what are your plans?

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    Re: 1982 Honda Civic SL

    I would say there is more room in the back then most new hatchbacks.

    no plans unless I find a way of lowering it and maybe battery relocation/ wire tuck...

    not much else as I want it on originalish condition

    ohh and yes 5speed manual 1.3L engine

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