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Thread: New to Old School :P

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    New to Old School :P

    Hey guys.
    I'm Nick, I'm 16 (yes 16. ) and I own a 1994 Acura Integra GSR with a few bolt ons.

    Years ago, I was originally into the 60s-70s era muscle cars. My favorite car being a 67 Pontiac GTO. Then I became fascinated with the imports of today, and now I fell in love with the 60+ era of imports.

    I've always liked the Datsuns and the Mazdas, like the Bluebirds and the RX-3s, but never really knew too much about the Hondas. I recently did some research and I fell in love with the S800 Coupe. :mrgreen: A member from a local forum (NJTuners) suggested that I check this site out, and I'm loving it. I'm even thinking about subscribing to the magazine.

    I hope to learn more about the Hondas and all the late model cars!

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    Re: New to Old School :P

    Quote Originally Posted by CR4CK
    I'm even thinking about subscribing to the magazine.
    What's there to think about?

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    Werd. Welcome to the club.

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    Welcome to JNC. Make yourself at home

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    Welcome, You found the right kind of cars to be into :wink: Just know that with these older cars you have to be alot more dedicated. I am sure that you expect your integra to start every morning when you go out. Sometimes that doesnt happen with older cars. You need to put in the work to receive the reward. That can be work on the car or at a job to spend more money on a already restored car. Either way i am an old school fanatic and to me it is worth it. Good luck, i know of a guy (not sure if he is on here) who has atleast 3 s800's that i know of and will sell any.

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    Oh, since you're in NJ you should check out Formula H in Middletown, NY.

    The owner is an awesome old school Honda nut. He has car shows at his shop every once in a while.

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    Yep the early 'S' hondas are awesome!

    After learning about them after the S2k, you can definitely see how/why they drew their inspiration for such a high revving (relatively) small motor.

    As best I know though, the early 'S' cars are freaken rare these days, and cost a fortune. :shock:

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