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Thread: Toyota Corona Sensor Light

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    Toyota Corona Sensor Light

    My wagon has been having this for a while

    the book says it has something to do with the oxygen.

    Oxygen sensor warning
    "The light comes on at 30000 miles, If it comes on have your toyota dealer inspect the oxygen sensor and reset the warning light for the next 30000 miles. Continued driving have an adverse effect on the three-way catalyst

    Ive gone to 3 mechanics and they don't know what the light means lol

    So anyone have any clue and how to fix and reset the light

    and what the bold print means?

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    Re: Toyota Corona Sensor Light

    There should be a reset switch located on the driver side kick panel if I remember it right. It's just a reminder for the 30k maintenance/inspection.

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    Re: Toyota Corona Sensor Light

    My 81 celica has a "sensor" light that came, on awhile back. It's the same thing. Basically get the maintenance done and reset it. If I remember correctly I was told to reset mine the clock thing was in the same spot with the speedometer so it knew when the 30,000 miles, or whatever the book says, was up. I haven't reset mine.

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