Hello out there,

New to the forum and the "magazine"/blog. (Unfortunately, a print subscription would've been great.)

I do not own any vehicles that would qualify as nostalgic. Currently driving a 2000 Toyota Celica GT-S 6 speed.

Started with Celicas when I was 15, got a 1986 Celica ST from my sister when I got my permit. Unfortunately it went to the scrap yard as a rust bucket a few years ago, at ~245k.

Over the years I have also owned an '87 Celica GT, '88 Celica GT-S, 3 '88 Celica All-Tracs (only one did I own for longer than a couple months though, it was probably the best specimen I have owned of any Celica), '90 Celica GT, '90 Celica All-Trac, '94 Celica ST & my current 2000 Celica GT-S. I have also owned an '87 Corolla GT-S, an '87 CRX Si & just got my wife a '00 Corolla CE.

I also "bought" an '85 Celica GT-S once (from a lady selling it for her son), and had it for about 3 days. Then the person who "sold" it to me, informed me she couldn't get the title from her ex-husband after all, as he wouldn't allow his son to sell it so "cheap." I was actually relieved, because I'd found a lot more rust than first appearances when I got it home.

My grandfather owned a '72 Celica ST, and a (I believe) '74 240z. (I didn't know this until I was already into my 20's and a huge fan of Celicas and other sporty Japanese cars.)

I would like to get a '71-'77 Celica one of these days, preferably a '72'-'74, and preferably a coupe. But of course, I'd love any first generation Celica. For that matter, I really just want to find a non-rusty 70's era 2-door Japanese car, be it Toyota, Honda, Datsun, Mazda...whatever.

More personally, I am a 30 year old male, who works as a graphic designer at a newspaper. We also publish some magazines. Non of which have subscribers, all of which are free. I feel like there's got to be a way to have a print version of a magazine that has a much broader audience than what we do at work...but that's beside the point I guess.

Glad to have found the site!

Edit: here's a few pics of my '88 Alltrac.