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Thread: upgraded front brakes 77 te51?

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    upgraded front brakes 77 te51?

    I been looking for a upgrade for my front brakes cause I hate how the stock ones feel when I want to try upgrading them...I been looking around and can't seem to find anything...any ideas?

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    Re: upgraded front brakes 77 te51?

    Does the AE suspension work on the te51? If so, why not just get the strut housing and brakes attached?

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    Re: upgraded front brakes 77 te51?

    ^^what he said

    Use AE86, SR5 or GTS use same 9 1/4" vented disk. You need the strut tube with the caliper brackette, brake caliper, disk and hub... it will bolt on your stock steering knuckles since they both share the same 85mm bolt spacing but you'll need to use your stock top plate since the bolt pattern is different, but your stock top plate will work fine with the AE struts and you can use either AE or your TE spring, which ever suit you best.

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