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Thread: Need shipping help out of Japan ?????????????????

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    Need shipping help out of Japan ?????????????????

    I have a pair of fenders in Japan and they are to large to ship in the standard mail. I am having a hell of a time finding a way to ship them that is not a million dollars.

    I would really like to find someone with a container that they could be added to, or what are my other option's? I have been asking everyone with a lot of deadends.

    Any help would be great, my parts have been sitting to long in Japan.


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    Re: Need shipping help out of Japan ?????????????????

    get hold of Ewan, he's been looking after my stuff out of Japan for a while now

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    Re: Need shipping help out of Japan ?????????????????

    One of my friends, also a member here (norcal510)..uses Ewan also with good results. :tu:

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    Re: Need shipping help out of Japan ?????????????????

    not sure if he does US but contact & see

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