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Thread: 1967 Bridgestone 175 Hurricane Scrambler

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    1967 Bridgestone 175 Hurricane Scrambler

    My current project:

    Since everybody asks, Bridgestone (the tire company) manufactured motorcycles from '57-'70, and sold them in N. America from '63 to '70. The various models ranged from little 50cc bikes up to the "big" 350 GTR and GTO models. This particular model has a 2-cycle, 2-cylinder (side-by-side), air-cooled motor displacing 177 cc's. The "Hurricane Scrambler" package was optional on the standard "Dual-Twin" (or "DT") bike, and made it a little more off-road friendly. Bridgestone bikes were fairly advanced for their time, and did quite well in small-displacement races around the world.

    I found this old bike looking sad and forlorn in a barn in Shelby, Iowa, while looking for some parts for a '77 Celica and an '81 Corolla. I had to rescue it! I'm working on doing a full restoration for this beauty. It's going a bit slow, but I'm making progress on it. Hopefully I'll have it straight and rideable again by next summer. It's been dumped, but the damage is minimal. It's only missing a couple of parts, and I'm confident that I can find replacements for them. However the motor is locked up, and since the cylinders are chromed, unfreezing them is going to be an extremely slow and careful process.

    I'll post more pics as I make progress with the restoration, but this is how the bike sat when I found it: ... 141314.jpg ... 141249.jpg ... 141315.jpg

    ...and what it looked like originally:


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    Re: 1967 Bridgestone 175 Hurricane Scrambler

    Looks surprisingly similar to the 60s Hondas. Cool bike. :mrgreen:

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    Re: 1967 Bridgestone 175 Hurricane Scrambler

    Looks just like my Dad's Honda C77. Cool bike! I've seen a few on, but not many!

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