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Thread: Bobby from San Diego

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    Bobby from San Diego

    Hi everyone like my title says I from San Diego.I am a proud owner of a 1974 Toyota celica. I have been in the automotive business for over 20 years and am a silent partner of a shop that does window tinting,mobile electronics,auto accessories and performance. Since I left the business to get a full time job we have downsized quite a bit on some of the things we used to do, so my partner does mostly tinting.I came across this site a while back and thought it was just a internet magaze site and just googled some toyota stuff and stumbald on the forum index by chance.i am just a car guy that appreciate all types cars and this site has alot of them . I would like receive more knowledge about cars that i am not so familiar with and i can also provide some information back.


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    Re: Bobby from San Diego

    Welcome, very clean. Looks good with those wheels! Rotas? :tu:

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    Re: Bobby from San Diego

    Welcome to the site! Nice ride there! Cheers!

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