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1981 yamaha xs650 true bobber

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  • 1981 yamaha xs650 true bobber

    I'm about done with this build and itching to build something new.
    Yamaha 1981 xs 650. Converted to a hard tail for a sleeker look. Just hook up a new magnetic alternator, no need to put a battery tender on in every night. Put some gas and its ready to ride. I am also going to hook up a capacitor to remove the battery completely. Looking for 6500 or best offer. Have any question just email me at

    This is a true bobber in a sense that this beast rides like a fixie on steroids. Only has rear drum brakes and no speedo. Don't need one cause I'm already going faster than anyone else. How to stop? better put your wieght on the front and step on the rear brakes and hope your not gonna die. I like this hard tail business, who doesn't like to pretend there riding a horse? Only when there's a bump better lift your ass up before the seat beat the shit out of it. Beside all this info, the greatest one is that the girls be jockin and wanting to start a conversation all the time.

    If your not on the right
    your wrong...

    71 Fairlady Z