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WTB: Daihatsu Trimobile / Midget

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    Same Trimobile is now up on craigslist, in case anybody is interested: $2500 or best offer. Pretty close to what I offered in the first place (I guess my idea on price wasn't skewed at all!), but I've sort of lost interest in this particular example, so if anybody here wants to rescue it they won't be stepping on my toes.


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      Seller put it back up on CL:
      Only this time with a sort of ridiculous description that reveals they're pretty clueless about these vehicles. 。゚(TヮT)゚。
      That truck is the last version of the Midget, the MP5, made in the late 1960s and early 1970s. But they insist on listing it as an earlier make. Even though I already pointed out to them months ago what features it has that show it to be a late model. Why take knowledge from an expert when you can just make stuff up? Early Trimobiles are easy to tell from late models because of their longer nose, shorter bed, lack of vent windows, and split rear window. Features that can be seen in these photos of actual early model Midgets:

      It'd still make a nice project for somebody, but don't be fooled about what you're getting. It's not an early pre '64 truck.
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        I am looking for trimobile parts or a trimobile for as I am restoring mine and would like to have it completed next spring. Also I would like know if anyone has had there cylinder bored and who they found to do it. All information is welcomed. Thanks


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          Originally posted by JNC View Post
          If you've really been looking for 10 years you're price expectations must be skewed

          In fairness, it took 6 years for me to get another 1st gen Celica. Prices went up, anything halfway decent got snapped up in days for years, or nobody wanted to talk to me because I was far away. I paid someone to buy one at a junkyard for me and, despite showing up with cash in hand at 8 AM in the morning, the salesperson didn't arrive until 11 AM, and about the same time Toysport showed up, treated my guy like an asshat, and turned it into an absurd bidding war for a car he ended up parting out. I had cars in BFE that sold overnight while I was waiting on the seller to send me pictures, I drove to one across the state from me to find it rotted beyond belief, etc. I'm not even happy with the car I ended up with, but I bought it in frustration because it was at least an honest car, even though I watched it get flipped to me for twice what it was offered for sale originally for.

          So I sympathize.
          Originally posted by Camshaft
          It scares the bejesus out of me that someone, somewhere ordered the Lusitania with front drum brakes.


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            There's this:


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