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1970 Cony 360 "wide" for sale

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  • 1970 Cony 360 "wide" for sale

    $4,000 or interesting trade

    1970 Cony 360 "wide" pick up. 2 cylinder air cooled boxer, 4 speed manual transmission, US market vehicle so left hand drive. Was made by a small independent Japanese company that was ultimately absorbed by Nissan. Most have rusted away long ago or been driven into the ground. This one was last licensed for road use in 1985 according to the plates. The odometer shows a little over 10,000 miles, I doubt that is accurate but no way in heck this thing has gone over 100,000 miles. It starts right up and runs quite well. I have only driven it up and down my driveway a few times, not currently licensed or insured so have not taken it out on the open road. I am way too tall and wide for this @ 6' 2" and #$% pounds... So, realistically speaking you should be under 5' 10" or so to be able to drive it. The brakes will need a bit more work to be at their best. I had to adapt a Wilwood master cylinder to it as a re-build kit for the original master is no longer available. I put all new wheel cylinders in, new rubber brake lines and made some new hard lines too. Oil and filter changed. Most of the lights work, no brake lights currently, still fiddling with that, might need a new pressure switch. There is no rust through at all that I can find, plenty of surface rust here and there but for such a flimsily built vehicle it is solid! I think the top speed may be 50mph! It is a death trap though as there is no crash protection whatsoever. It does have seat belts! Needs new tires, leaks a little oil but it is pretty darn cute don't you think? Clear Washington title in my name. A small box of extra bits and pieces you will find handy too. I think it may fit in the back of a full sized 'Merican pick up with an 8' box, will have to double check that though.

    As far as trades are concerned, interested in anything automobile wise offbeat, rare, unusual or interesting:

    Skoda, DKW, Trabant, Jensen Healey, Gilbern, Isetta, Marcos, Berkeley, Rolls Royce, Sabra, if you have not heard of many of those then you should get the idea!

    let me know what you have!

    I have a bunch more photos I can send to an interested party but as always a personal inspection is best.

    The car is located in Ferndale, Washington
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    Neat! Good luck with sale!