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1983 Toyota Supra L-Type in NorCal trade for other vintage Toyota

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  • 1983 Toyota Supra L-Type in NorCal trade for other vintage Toyota

    I have a white 1983 Toyota Supra L-Type and I am testing the waters. I love these cars and donít necessarily want to get rid of it, but I just so happen to have an Ď85 P-Type as well. So, it has some sort of fuel injection issue. Iím about halfway through diagnosing it. Iím willing to spell out all Iíve done to attempt to diagnose it to someone who may be seriously interested in the car. The car is an automatic, sigh, I know. Body is super straight other than the left corner of the front bumper being pushed in a little bit. Paint is a solid 8/10. There is minimal rust in the hatch under the rear glass seal. I just put a bunch of money into my other Supra to rebuild it, and I have a TE38 daily. I just donít have a huge use for it, other than restoring it... but itís in queue behind restoring my Corolla. Long story short Iíd like to possibly trade for a 1978 or older Corolla, Celica, or Corona. I might trade for another Celica Supra thatís manual, a nice 4x4 Toyota Pickup, or an Alltrac Corolla, Camry, Celica, or Tercel. Itís a long shot but Iím also looking for a Subaru Brat. If you have an offer, want more pictures, or have any questions... please call or text me, Toshanna at (530)-575-2115
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