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1986 Toyota Cressida Wagon MX72 - 5 Speed, LSD, Rear Disc Brake Swap - $4500 in VA

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  • 1986 Toyota Cressida Wagon MX72 - 5 Speed, LSD, Rear Disc Brake Swap - $4500 in VA

    I bought this car back in 2013 as a barely running, bad brakes, auto crapcan and have transformed it into my interpretation of what it should be - a Celica-Supra wagon. I've put an insane amount of time and money into this car but I think it's time to move on. This car is a bit like the Millennium Falcon - she may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts, kid. If you have some time on your hands, the link to the build thread of this car is below (warning - it's a long read with a TON of pictures) and it documents pretty much every major repair and modification I've made. Since the last update the only things I've really done have been oil changes and a new thermostat.

    The car runs and drives great. The rear diff has a slight clunk when going on/off throttle but is very easy to drive around. I believe it's caused by some play in the spider gears, as the ring/pinion play is minimal. The diff was assembled by 4 Wheel Drive Specialties on Broad Street in Richmond.

    The paint on this car is rough, no way around it. It looks really bad. However the car itself is solid. Refreshed engine, 5-speed swap, extensive suspension work, and a MK1 Supra rear axle with LSD and disc brakes turn a pedestrian wagon into something that is really fun to drive (especially in the rain)! You'll be hard-pressed to find another one of these, let alone one with these parts. This car is really solid as it is, but if you wanted to do a 7M, JZ, or 1UZ swap for more power, the suspension, transmission and LSD are already there ready and waiting for it.

    Build thread (I highly recommend reading through it, but be warned it's very long and very detailed):

    Now for 'The List'.

    -Engine - stock 5M-GE
    -AE86 Corolla GTS factory oil cooler, connected to a Motul thermostatic sandwich plate
    -Aluminum radiator for an MA70 Supra
    -Mishimoto electric fans run off of an ogue Summit Racing controller
    -Rabid Chimp intake w/K&N filter
    -MA60 Celica-Supra AFM
    -Everything on the top half of the engine is new. Hoses, timing belt, drive belts, head gasket, alternator, every single gasket/seal, all the hydraulic valve lifters, head has been resurfaced, ARP head studs for a 7M-GTE, new distributor cap/rotor, spark plugs/wires, etc.
    -AC delete to make way for radiator/electric fans
    -EGR delete
    -Xcessive Manufacturing skid plate to protect oil pan, sprayed down with undercoating.
    -Coroplast radiator block offs to keep air flowing through radiator, may look funky but they increase cooling efficiency

    Drivetrain - here's where it gets fun
    -W58 5-speed transmission swapped from an MA70 Supra w/new input/output shaft seals
    -Used MA70 Supra clutch with new throw out bearing
    -MA60 Celica-Supra clutch master cylinder, braided stainless clutch line, new -MA70 slave cylinder
    -ARP flywheel bolts
    -Manual Cressida flywheel (resurfaced)
    -Rear axle is from a 1979 Celica-Supra (allows for 7.5" diff options, disc brakes)
    -Every seal and bearing in the axle are new
    -MA60 Celica-Supra LSD, rebuilt with Weir Performance Maxgrip kit
    -MA60 Celica-Supra 4.30 ratio ring and pinion with Weir Performance solid pinion spacer
    -Custom one-piece driveshaft by Standard Parts in Richmond VA
    -Xcessive Manufacturing transmission crossmember and urethane transmission mount

    Suspension - just when you thought I was finished
    -New/reman NAPA steering rack with Xcessive poly bushings
    -Front strut housings cut/shortened/rewelded for short stroke conversion
    -Shock inserts are KYB AGX adjustables for the rear on an SW20 MR2
    -Techno Toy Tuning (T3) camber plates, coilover conversion
    -T3 roll-center adjusters
    -Front control arms have Moog ball joints and Energy Suspension urethane bushings
    -Rear shocks are KYB AGX adjustables for a Camaro
    -Rear springs are 400lb/in custom made by, see build thread for specifics
    -All 5 rear axle links (4 links + panhard rod) are all T3 adjustable heim joint parts - the first set ever made for MX72s to my knowledge
    -Rear axle limit straps

    -Front rotors & caliper brackets from 87-88 Cressida Sedan
    -New master cylinder
    -New front wheel hub bearings
    -New rubber brake lines all around
    -New brake hard lines on rear axle
    -AE86 Corolla rear disc brakes
    -" wheel spacers
    -MA60 Celica-Supra P-Type wheels
    -RA22 Celica "5-Speed" badge

    -Aftermarket head unit with aux input
    -SunPro water temperature gauge
    -AE86 clutch pedal
    -MA60 Celica-Supra P-type front seats on custom brackets
    -Grip Royal Clay Knight steering wheel on modified AE86 hub

    Now that you've made it this far, here are the main negatives. Bad paint, slight clunk in rear end, only driver's door window rolls down (it's not the motors, they work fine when 12v is directly applied). Rear defrost only works on 1 line. The engine has all new gaskets and seals, but it's a 5M-GE so it still finds ways to leak a little oil. The clutch is fine for now, but the one I put in was used when I got it, so it may need to be replaced in a year or so, depending on how hard you drive. High beam flash doesn't work, but regular high beams on/off does. No AC, no cruise control. Speedometer doesn't work - I've replaced speedo cable sections (MK3 Supra parts) but they keep breaking so I just gave up. No e-brake since swapping to rear discs - something could be fabbed up using junkyard parts really easily but I just haven't had the time/motivation. The heated mirrors work great though!

    Also included - original front seats, 7M-GE pacesetter header, and whatever spare parts I have laying around.
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    I bought this car back in 2013 as a barely running, bad brakes, auto crapcan and have transformed it into my interpretation of what it should be - a Celica-Supra wagon. I've put an insane amount of...