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Any other classifed website for 1st Gen Colt parts?

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  • Any other classifed website for 1st Gen Colt parts?

    I check here but not much listing. Im Looking for some random parts for a 1st Gen 71-73 dodge colt.

    Someone told me "classic colt" I google it and cant find it and I tried to register at "sigma-gallant" tried, but cant pass through, the questions

    "Have you read the Forum Rules?!: *
    No really, have you?? Posting without having read the forum rules is a BIG nono!

    don't know the answer, I tried "yes and no", still the same.. and this question

    "Name one of the makes of cars featured on the banner image above.:
    This question is a means of preventing automated form submissions by spambots.

    I answered "Mitsubishi or Chrysler" still I cant get through, always says

    "You have provided an invalid answer to the question."

    anybody know what I need to do? I would appreciate it. thank you

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    try to look over here


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      Thank you Sir.


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        A little late response here, but this is Classic Colt....
        Brad D.

        '83 Sapporo Technica; '84 Starion ES; '74 Colt; '80 Colt; '79 Cressida
        '91 RX7 convertible; '68 Camaro SS 350 convertible; '71 NSU 1200c