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Mitsubishi KM132 Close Ratio Gearsets

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  • Mitsubishi KM132 Close Ratio Gearsets

    Hi All,

    I have posted this on CC but thought this may be of interest to people here?
    A bit of info but worth the read.

    Close Ratio Gearsets. For the Narrow Pattern KM132 Mitsu box (narrow shaft).
    These will suit anyone running a Lancer/Galant (Colt) with competition in mind or simply want to maximise the performance of their little Saturn engines.

    6 X New Gears in total, including a re-worked Layshaft
    3 X Syncro gears - 1st, 2nd, 3rd (4th, 5th remain 'stock')
    3 X Layshaft gears to match first 3 ratios
    A donor layshaft is required - old gears are removed and 3 x new gears fitted.
    These ratio's are even closer than the fabled MR GTO box.

    (KMH are with a 4.6 diff and 195/65/14 tyres)

    2.554 (63.17 kmh)
    1.784 (90.45 kmh)
    1.304 (123.78 kmh)
    1.000 (161.36 kmh) Standard 4th
    .856 (188.57 kmh) Standard 5th

    KMH with a 3.9 diff

    These are not available to the public as 'one-off' orders.
    A 1/3rd deposit is required, along with your donor layshaft.
    Lead time is 8-10 weeks (this is a very well known, busy, competition gearbox company and this is not considered a big order...)

    Price is $2,250.00 US plus postage.
    HOWEVER, if we have more than 10+ sets ordered, this will drop to

    This may sound like a lot but after approaching a number of reputable gear manufacturers, the initial set-up is where the real expense is.
    You MAY get these replicated in the US cheaper but it wouldn't be by much........
    A considerable amount of time has gone into this and they are a proven product from a respected company.

    For those still unsure and think this is expensive, compare it to the cost of a gearbox conversion, say an RX7/8, Supra etc - by the time you sort the bellhousing/clutch/master cylinder/driveshaft/etc etc. it will be around the same money (if done properly).After all that money, it will be MUCH heavier and you still won't have a TRUE close ratio box.

    Note: This is ideally mated to a strong 4G32 or a mild 4G52/4
    If you're thinking to run this set-up with a full-house 4G54 then you're probably pushing the limits of these gearboxes.

    Lastly, I am not doing this for profit.
    I have only added a very small amount simply to cover discrepancies in US exchange rates and to ensure I'm not adversely 'out of pocket'.
    So far, we have 5 sets on order and just thought it may be of interest to some on here.
    We are finalising the order within the next two weeks


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    Slightly surprised there weren't at least one or two enquiries - particularly given the growing interest in Classic Rally Cars.....not to mention their increasing value.
    I guess it's such a miniscule market though, even in the US.

    For reference, with the current exchange rate, they worked out to under $2k US
    5 sets in total were ordered and will be arriving at their happy new homes in mid August.



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      Unfortunately these forums have slowed way way down as Facebook groups have grown. I can think of 3 rally colts relatively near where i live, one is a Lancer but its tucked away in storage on the back burner for that owner, the other two galants i haven't heard much about their status.
      91 Galant VR4 1350/2000
      76 Colt Galant Coupe
      75 Colt Galant Wagon
      77 Colt Galant Wagon


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        Yes, I've been absent myself for some time - you're right, the FB forum tends to be easier for most.......


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          Man, I'd love to get one of those for my Colt. I've got a dual Mikuni 4G52 hooked up to a tired 5 speed now.


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            Sadly we got the last sets - the manufacturer (Holinger Engineering) will not be making them any more.
            Too little demand and they literally only barely covered the cost of making them....