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Custom Datsun Coilovers For Sale

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  • Custom Datsun Coilovers For Sale

    Custom 280zx Coilovers Pictured for sale!

    Threaded Machined tube to accept Koni 8610 Insert. Machined into 280zx Spindles.
    Conversion also available for Datsun 510 or Z Car Spindles or any Macpherson Strut system.

    Package Includes:
    Koni 8610/11 inserts - Single or Double Adjustable your choice. Can be Custom Valved if you like. Stroke 5.63 or 6.02, Strut lengths 11.42 or 13.07
    Sleeves machined for Koni Gland Nuts.
    Hypercoil or Eibach Springs - Your Choice
    Nickle Plated for added rust protection. Can be Ceramic Coating for additional protection is also available.
    2.25 or 2.50 Coilover Spring Seat/Lock Rings Included and Adjustment tools.

    Struts can be supplied with Camber Plates, Bump Steer Spacers, 5 Lug Hubs and Wilwood Brakes.

    Please Contact direct for Estimates and Picture of product.

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