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T series Rear End Parts Interchangeable?

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  • T series Rear End Parts Interchangeable?

    So I found someone selling his RT90 Corona and I was thinking about buying it and doing a resto-mod. On my initial look around/inspection of the car I noticed that 1) it has leaf springs and 2) it has drum brakes. I've done some research so far it "seems" like that most T-series rear end hardware are compatible with each other.

    What I would like to do is rebuild the rear end with parts from an AE or even TA and convert to disc brakes with a working E-brake. Has anyone attempted this or know a shop that can?

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    Iím replacing the T differential for an f differential. From a 1st gen Supra. Not many shops want to fiddle with these. Ae86 have t differentials I believe, with rear disc brakes. But will be expensive


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      I've got a rear axle out of a 81 celica t code....complete... socal
      1981 Toyota Celica GT 550,000 miles on original engine and tranny,79 Supra F312 rear
      1996 Lexus LS 400 290,000 miles going strong
      2002 Toyota Sequoia 4WD 147,000 too young