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Corona mark 2 MX12 1972 upper control bushings..

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  • Corona mark 2 MX12 1972 upper control bushings..

    So i ran into a problem. I have a 1972 mark 2 mx12 that im working on front suspension, and i have everything minus the upper bushings. unfortunately...

    i have found posted by a member here that the rare parts 15156 should fit, and also Moog K9206

    the rare parts 15156 has an inner diameter of 13.6 mm and outside diameter of 31.7 mm

    I am measuring my part and all i get is an inner diameter of 15.45 mm and outside diameter of 33.15 mm.

    how can i find the right part for my car... its been 2 weeks

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    Remember a time when members in this forum would help.... what the heck happened


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      Did u try energy suspension they've got universal bushings maybe close to your size..or maybe superpro in Australia....just a thought....
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        I'm working on a RT95 Corona and I understand your frustration on both accounts... you might be able to use the flange type bushings that energy suspension offers or even try Superpro's. Definitely give either one a call though. ES flange-style is roughly $25 a set.

        APC (the makers of a lot of crap) have some OE parts as well to include control arm bushings. They look very similar to the ones you're trying to find, but maybe they were too lazy to catalog them properly, IDK.