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1974 RA21 Toyota Celica ST Restoration

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  • 1974 RA21 Toyota Celica ST Restoration

    In Sept. 8, 2012, I made a deal to buy a 74 ST automatic. It has the best interior and exterior compared to my '71 and '72.

    My car is silver with black interior and black vinyl roof, automatic and equipped with AC. Unfortunately, the owner I got it from sold the AC system. :banghead:

    Between the original owner and myself, the car got repainted white, so it became white with black vinyl roof.

    Here is the 74 the day I picked her up, Sept. 12, 2012. Hood, motor, trans, misc parts are included but not pictured.

    Original 18R-C and auto trans

    Bonus 18R-G and W50 trans

    1974 and 1971 next to each other

    '71, '72, '74 Celica STs, 1985 AE86 GTS hatch, 1989 240SX SE hatch

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    Finally getting around to posting up my restoration. I had the very ambitious goal of getting it done for Toyotafest 2017. That's less than six months.

    Dec. 10, 2016

    The 74 in the garage.

    Dash area

    Front seats with bolster damage

    Rear seats

    Engine bay with the original color

    Trunk with original liner (it's upside down), tool kit, jack

    Spare tire cover

    GT styled steel wheel and the gasket for the driver's side mirror.

    '71, '72, '74 Celica STs, 1985 AE86 GTS hatch, 1989 240SX SE hatch


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      Teardown date: 12-11-16

      At this point, i started putting an hour or more per night after work, dinner trying to get the car down to a shell.

      The front carpet area

      Front and rear carpet area. Carpet has areas that are worn down, but still in good shape.

      Back seat insulation

      Cardboard behind that

      Back metal support. You can see the faded C-pillars still in good shape. But they fell apart as soon as i took them off the car.

      Nice, solid trunk area. Gas tank, wire harness in good shape as well.

      Wire harness part number. I wrapped it to protect it.

      '71, '72, '74 Celica STs, 1985 AE86 GTS hatch, 1989 240SX SE hatch