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TE27 Toyota Corolla 1974 BUILD ================

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  • TE27 Toyota Corolla 1974 BUILD ================

    Starting another build thread for a new toy I picked up

    1974 TE27 Toyota Corolla "Mango" ( 1600 Deluxe "California Edition" ) w/ 2T-C

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    Square type manaul box out of a 79 Corolla

    Had tooooooo

    Old school 14x7 +0 mags off a Z


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      Custom driveshaft by Soutbay Driveline (San Jose, CA) BOOM
      Steve found the "last known 20 spline yoke in existence." haha. Manual T50 transmission out of a TA22 Celica (slotted tip on the shifter, not round like normal T50's), pretty hard to find any parts for this car, let alone the random supppper hard to find transmission.

      Couple other pics
      Couldn't source an original fan so I had to go with a Flex 14" fan with a 1" spacer

      Found an old Suntune mini tach which I believe is from the 80's?
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