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Kentucky AE86: A Levin Story

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    The Fortune Auto coilovers FINALLY came in last Thursday. Hand assembled in the USA babyyyy. People compare these to the level of Stance or BC, but the build quality is better. Wayyy better than the BCs I got on my tC. I'll do an in-depth write up on these after I get them installed.

    I was going to install them this weekend, but changed my mind last minute. I decided I want to go ahead and put in new wheel bearings, seals, and brake pads all around. I figured, I'll have to replace all that stuff eventually later on down the road, so I might as well do it now while I have everything apart.

    I placed an order on Saturday while at work for everything in this picture minus the hubs, calipers, and rotors. All new OEM Toyota parts. The plus about working in parts at a Toyota dealer is I can check and see where everything is located out in the US too

    S U P E R P U M P E D

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      Coilovers have been put on hold due to the weather. Its been awful these past few days, so I got bored and started tinkering with the 86.

      I ended up taking out the speed limiter chime
      The Initial D fanboy side of me thought it was so cool, until I got on the highway Lol.

      Had to snap a pic of the car before I called it a night. You didn't buy the right car if you can walk away without turning around and looking at it.

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        Installed my coilovers this past weekend. and remember my previous post about how I decided to buy all new Pads, Rotors, Wheel bearings, etc.? I spent about 250$ for all of that stuff ... and I didn't use ANY of it Lol. When changing the suspension, noticed the pads were pretty much brand new, took the hubs off and noticed it had fresh grease, even the cotter pin was new haha.

        I guess I have spare parts now?

        I wrote a little review of the whole setup here:

        Turns out I maybe somewhat jumped the gun on buying new coilovers too! LOL :mrgreen: ops: I should have taken the time to see what I actually had on there. TRD blue rear struts and potential TRD springs? I couldn't find any markings on the springs, but that dark blue color looks like TRD. Not sure about the fronts though besides the cusco camber plates.
        oh well ... more spare parts

        The old setup.

        I also never realized how off-center the rear axle was due to the lateral bar until I lowered it in the rear. Of course I didn't have a big enough wrench to adjust it, and then the one I bought was too small. I believe the nut is a 29mm, but of course thats not a common size. Ended up getting a 1-3/16 to fit. It was also seized up pretty bad, but nothing a good dose of PB Blaster couldn't handle.

        Here is the car in its current state. Need to adjust the height some more, but its functional. Definitely not a fan of the "raked" look, but I think thats mainly due to the rear tires being larger than the front.

        Now I just need an alignment, and then roll the fenders for the new wheels
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          These came in the mail today ...

          Brand new. Fresh off the boat.
          RS-Watanabe B Type
          14x7.5 +1.5

          I also bought tires.
          195/60r14 Falken Azenis RT-615K

          Lets hope I can get them mounted and the car aligned this weekend!
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            Perfect wheel for the AE86!


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              So ... Tried to get it aligned this past weekend and turns out my inner tie rods are worn and need to be replaced. Unfortunately it took 3 different trips to 2 different shops for this to be confirmed. Whats even more unfortunate is I am no longer bringing my vehicles to my own workplace and letting them touch the car(s).

              On a different note, I got the wheels and tires mounted.

              And then tried to put them on the car Saturday. The goal was to roll the fenders and have them on for this little car show / drift event on Sunday but I ran out of time. The fitment is exactly what I was shooting for, but I under-estimated how much I needed to modify the fenders. I think I could have made it work with 185/60r14 tires but these 195/60 Falkens are meaty. I ended up putting the gold wheels back on.

              "dayum gurl, you thick af"

              I need to roll / pull the fronts more, cut off the bumper tabs, and grind the rears some more. My fender roller is too tall to roll the rears. Plus the upper inner layer was starting to rot due to rust so even if I did roll them it would crumble. When I run into cases like this I just take a flapper wheel grinder and take layers off little by little until there's enough room, while rounding off the edges so it doesn't cut the tires. Tape off the outside quarter panels and then spray paint the inside of the lip to somewhat cover the exposed metal.

              Gonna give it all another shot this week so we'll see what happens.
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                No major update. just some eye candy.

                Still gotta find some time to work on the fenders some more so I can run the Watanabes

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                  After a busy few weeks I finally found some time to finish these fenders and put the wheels on!
                  Took it for a nice long test drive around town to make sure there's no rubbing, and we're all good.

                  I rolled and pulled the fronts, and took a flapper wheel grinder to the rears. My fender roller was too tall for the rears, and the inside lip was rusty anyways. I just kept taking off layers and rounding off the edges until there was enough room. Now I just gotta paint over the metal on the inside, no biggie.

                  Beyond ecstatic with the final product. Its exactly how I had imagined it.

                  RS Watanabe
                  14x7.5 +1.5 (Type B)
                  Falken Azenis

                  I'm super picky about ride height, wheel sizes, and offsets. My main goal wass to find the perfect balance between aesthetics and function. Get the wheels as flush as possible to the fenders to look good, without it rubbing.
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                    Looks about right to me. I love a proper tyre too. Good job.
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                      Originally posted by KiKiIchiBan View Post
                      Looks about right to me. I love a proper tyre too. Good job.

                      I like them thick
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                        So ... school has started back up again which means its almost time to put this thing into hibernation.

                        In a perfect world, I will now focus on fixing all the little things to get it 100%. This post is more for me to get my thoughts in one place so I stay on track.

                        Laundry list:
                        1) trouble shoot and repair digital dash. It works only like, 30% of the time. The speed works, but I have no rpms, water temp, or fuel. Those come and go as they please. When everything is on it functions correctly so I think I have a bad ground or some corrosion somewhere. I'm putting the dash #1 priority because my water pump has a bad gasket. It seeps a little coolant but the car doesn't overheat. So ... the temp gauge is pretty important for me right now lol

                        2) "100k service". Replace the waterpump, drive belts, timing belt, and spark plugs. The timing cover says the timing belt was changed at 50k miles roughly 15 years ago, it has plenty of life left but looks old. This is perfect timing though since I have the bad gasket as mentioned before. and I'm right at like, 90,000 miles so its getting close enough. I'd like to check the valve clearances too. It has a slight sewing machine tick to it.
                        2.5) Upgrade the pulleys via T3 or NST. Might as well do it since I'll have to take this stuff off anyways. I figured it will be a convenient way to free up a little bit of power.

                        3) troubleshoot steering components. The steering return isn't that great, and the steering wheel is off center. I noticed it was like that when I first got the car, and its still off center even after its most recent alignment. It has to be something in the steering column or the gear in the rack. I don't think its anything tie rod related because those are all new, and the alignment is within spec. I fiddled with the height in the front a little bit, but I doubt that will affect the steering return.

                        4) continue to work on the fenders. I tackled a few corners last night and noticed the rubbing was pretty bad up front when turning. I think they just need to be pulled out more towards the top of the fender. The rears still rub occasionally too if I hit a bump hard enough. This is only rough driving though, its not a problem cruising around town. Im finding this to be challenging because I'm trying to roll/pull the fenders while retaining the stock body lines. I'm not a fan of fenders that look like bacon.

                        5) troubleshoot A/C system. Everything is there, might as well see if it will work. Having AC is nice here in KY where it gets really hot and humid. Plus I mean, how many AE86s have working AC anyways?!

                        6) start saving up $$$ and sourcing parts for a transmission and rear diff rebuild. Both are noisy as sh*t!!! whining gears mean dying gears, right? (not a big priority atm though)

                        I think this a realistic/achievable list for a college student Lol. I'm actually super pumped because this will be the first time ever having a separate vehicle I can toy around with while having another car to drive everyday. I'm just hoping these EE classes don't eat me alive. I kind of screwed myself over by taking all my easy classes first

                        dream stuff:
                        1) ae101 throttle body conversion
                        2) port/polished head
                        3) Toda Racing 264 cams with valve/shim kit and adjustable cam gears
                        4) Toda Racing flywheel
                        5) Toda Racing 4-2-1 exhaust
                        6) custom over-axle Greddy DD style exhaust (Greddy DD is only under-axle)
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                          Sounds like you have it all planned out.....just don't build the fun out of it.


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                            had been getting a lot of spring noise when turning with the new suspension setup, so I bought Fortune Auto's Radial Bearing Mount upgrade to fix the issue. finally got around to installing them today

                            If anyone is interested in the who/what/when/why/how, all that mumbo jumbo can be found here.

                            And some eye candy, brought to you buy a local photographer.
                            You can follow her instagram page here @thateurochick_

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                              I keep forgetting to update this thread Lol. Here's whats been going on if anyone is interested. copy/pasted from a different forum.


                              It was slow at work one evening so I got one of the lube techs to let me borrow his rack for a little bit. Good thing I got it in the air Lol

                              I don't know if its a head gasket leak, or coming from I think that little plate on the backside of the motor towards the firewall. Both areas are covered in coolant residue. I plan on taking the car to another ae86 owner who is a Tech at a different Toyota dealership and have him help me troubleshoot my AC system anyways so I will have him do a leak down test to see if it is indeed the head gasket. Oh well ... another thing to add to the list I guess.

                              At least she looks good though Haha

                              In reference to my little to-do list, I sold the gold Volk Mesh wheels to another ae86 local up towards the Cincinnati area for $700. I'm using that cash to buy my waterpump, belts, plugs, fix this leak, etc. I've also decided to upgrade the pulleys via T3 as well. I'm super pumped, mainly because this is an excuse to get in the garage, drink a few beers, and turn some wrenches, which I am in desperate need of. This Electrical Engineering stuff is no joke.


                              No major update. Although I did get all my parts to do my little overhaul this winter. I was able to get the waterpump, gaskets, and spark plugs from Toyota, and I got the OEM Timing Belt via BattleGarage. I will get the drive belts when I do the work. It shouldn't be a problem to take them to Car Quest or something to have them match it up. Next on the list is to have the AC stuff checked out, and look into getting this coolant leak fixed. I did some more looking and it is that plate on the back-side of the motor. Trying to replace the gasket in there is going to be a challenge with it being literally in between the engine and firewall. I might have to pull the transmission out to get up in there.
                              I still need to get the pulley's, but thats optional depending on how much its going to cost me to get the AC fixed.

                              Side note, I bought the little 4age sticker to go on the timing cover. Who would have thought 4 letters would be so iconic?

                              Some random pics I took in the garage playing with the camera/lens I rarely use Lol. I really need to use it more

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                                Took some pictures last night on my way home from campus

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