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    That does look to be a difficult bit to find. I just found a Japanese warehouse that seems to have some but they aren't cheap. Better to keep looking around Junkyards I imagine.


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      Changed a few parts on the wagon.

      Handy Dandy radiator drain.

      New vs Old Rotor

      New vs Old radiator (no more hand dandy drain tube)

      New vs Old Cap (that might explain that terrible miss and lack of power

      I'm still having a rough idle. Gonna change vacuum hoses if I can convince myself to go outside in this freezing weather. It was perfectly find just a couple of days ago. Car is running nice now. Drove it about 120 miles and no real hickups. Pretty much started right up in 34F weather this morning.


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        WOW! I haven't posted here in forever! Lemme add a quick update. After changing the radiator it sat from December until May 2017 while I was working in Colorado. I came back to Louisiana for my wedding. While I was gone I had all the A/C stuff replaced and the carrier bearing replaced. I thought a wobble I was having was a bad carrier bearing. I got married and then we went off to California for Toyota Fest. Overheated four or five times along the way to cali, and stopped in Austin to change what was actually a worn out axle bearing in my buddies garage. The carrier bearing was worn but wasn't the problem. HAHA. But 4000 miles later we were back home and in good health. I'll post more need to run out the door. Got a couple of updates more.
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