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**Starter Doesnt Fit--Hitting 2TG Block?**

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  • **Starter Doesnt Fit--Hitting 2TG Block?**

    -What year starter do I need?

    -1978 TE51 with 2TG and T50.

    -I switched from a blown 2tg to another good 2tg and just swapped all the same parts,but now the starter hits the block
    on the new 2tg and holes do not line up.

    -I re- used the same trans. and backing plate.

    -I think the blown 2tg block was a later year production block and the 2tg I just put in the car is a early production block?
    The block casting area around the starter is different.

    -The pic. with the blue tape is where it hits.Its not much and I could probably grind it down?

    -All the starters in my pics. do not fit.

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    it starts trying to put on is from a 4age. as are several types start to 4age where the design between them is slightly different. on 4age it does not matter that they are differently designed. but it does it when you want to install 4age start at 2tg.

    can not remember which one car / model where you have to take 4age starter from.
    run even with 4age start on my 2t and 3t engines.
    it was a coincidence that I discovered that 4age starter looked at 2t engine. why I now only use 4age starter is that it is smaller, lighter, better experience to mount. and they are easier dressing find


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      -OK finally a reply after creating 3 different topics with he same problem.

      -Does the 71-74 Corolla with the T50 have the larger starter with the metal nose cone?(pic. below)

      -Ya the 4ag(below)looks like what I had on my 2tg before I blew it and swapped in my other 2tg that it does not now fit in.


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        sounds weird to starter not careful if you have had spent the tidliger. I'll try to get seen on the starer I have and jg remember forskillem on them.
        what I have popularized some times when I am not the sea several of the 4age starts as the pass on 2tg was separating the starts from hindenden and prey except the innards.