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My 1st Car - Toyang, the AE92 Corolla

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  • My 1st Car - Toyang, the AE92 Corolla

    Hello JNC community! Reese here, a college student from the Philippines.

    A few months ago, I finally saved enough money to buy one of the cars that meant to me the most - the AE92 Corolla. Yes, an ordinary 4-door sedan just like any other sold in the Philippine shores - but it meant a lot to me since a spent a whole childhood with a similar one. With chances being slim of buying back that particular car, this was the next best thing.

    A brief history on the name first: It's a title of a song from a famous Filipino band in the 90s, the Eraserheads. Toyang was a play on the words "Too young", which was also the name of the girl described in the song. It came on the radio suddenly a week into owning the AE92, and it just clicked from then on!

    Specs on the car are pretty simple, since it's all stock aside from some minor alterations. It's a 1989 SKD (Semi-Knock-Down) model, meaning it was partially-built when it landed in the Philippines from Japan. Since Toyota didn't establish a manufacturing plant here until 1990, the first batch of E90 Corollas to arrive in 1989 were imported from Japan (After 1989, they were built locally). A few notable differences from 100% locally built ones were the VIN numbers that started with AE92 - 01XXXXX, differing fabric materials on the seats and sidings, longer pockets on the front door sidings, different ceiling materials, the presence of dummy switches, and allegedly more welds done to the body.

    My Dad and I bought mine from a reseller, who claimed that the first and second owner were old ladies who used it as a daily driver. With over 200,000kms on the odometer, the condition was pretty impressive! One particular let down for enthusiasts of spirited driving was the 4-speed A/T transmission, which in itself was a rarity since A/T E90s were never sold in the Philippines. That fact got me sold however, since I needed a car for a traffic-filled daily commute. The transmission was from a JDM E90 wagon. Only modifications done to it before were stickers, cut springs, and a rubber lip. I've removed the cut springs since then since my shocks were busted, got new window tint (which I plan on removing soon after falling in love with the clear window look... with white seat covers!), got DLAA foglamps (which I DIY'd Toyota stickers to the covers), and just regular maintenance like oil changes and check ups. The car currently sits on 14" AE111 sedan wheels ever since we got it, which I'm planning to change to 14" AE92 Levin wheels in the future.

    Other long-term plans are legit lowering springs, an AE92 GT front chin, AE92 GT taillights and taillight garnish, a JDM grille with the red "C" badge, JDM door handles with the chrome strip in the middle, a fiberglass ducktail spoiler similar to GT ones, strut bar, cold air intake, chambered exhaust, tint-less windows, white seat covers, washover of the bumper paint and body paint, and a nice Nardi steering wheel. All will have to wait though since I'm on a student's budget only and gas money is taking a huge toll on my saving.

    Anyway, I'll keep this post started with some notable photos of the car. I'll update soon as I attend regular meets of our local club, Rust Production, as well as events such as the local ToyoFest Philippines.

    Hope you like 'em!

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    Welcome to JNC

    Looking forward to your posts about car life in the Philippines.


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      I've heard there is a pretty good car scene in the Philippines. Looking forward to more.
      P510 Bluebird SSS Coupe


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        Thank you all for the warm welcome!

        As I'm drowning in college and freelance work as of the moment, I could only update Toyang and this thread in my free time. I'd post up new pics shortly.


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          Photos from last month's Rust Production meet.


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            Looks mint buddy


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              A parking lot near the college where I study at had this great looking grey-colored wall - thought it would look awesome as a backdrop for photos!

              A very close buddy of mine and I decided to finally collaborate and create an automotive photography and videography page. You can go and check us out over at Otosthetics Automotive Productions, where we cover meets and events with photos, videos, and short articles over here:

              I got the front and rear bumpers repainted matte black and body-color red recently by a friend, the upper portions being body-colored was inspired by the bumpers of Kouki AE86 Levins. This was something I don't see too often as most people leave them plain black or body-color with a black trim piece only.

              Recently celebrated a year of ownership with Toyang, and with it was my anniversary gift for us:

              Got used RSR lowering springs for my front, and stock AE92 Levin coupe springs for my rear. The drop is nice, though I didn't expect this much angle as the front is a lot lower. Will sort it out in the future however since it helps when I travel with people at the back.

              Attended a few Stance Pilipinas/Manila Fitted meets in the past few months to cover the events for our Facebook page - definitely had an awesome time! You can go and check out our content over at the page linked above.

              Otosthetics sticker with a Buzzhype slap for my C-Pillar window.

              Relocated my Rust Production sticker over at the front, along with the ToyoFest Philippines 2016 sticker and obligatory Otosthetics box logo.

              With a buddy's 1994 AE101 GLi sedan.

              Latest photos from the recent Stance Pilipinas/Manila Fitted x Fatlace Hellaflush Philippines meet where we took photos and videos.

              That's all for now. Thanks for the comments!


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                Small update...

                I got a good deal on 14" Black Racing Watanabe-style wheels. I spray painted them (rather badly) for the meantime while saving up for a proper paint job...


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                  Hey JNC, I seem to have forgotten that I've started this 'build' thread a while back. I guess it's time for a proper update.

                  Since I got my second-maybe-third-or-fourth-hand Black Racing wheels, nothing much has changed apart from a new set of aftermarket head and corner lamps, removing my existing light window tint for a clear-glass look, as well as wrapping my hood in matte black to hide the ugly faded portions. I was also given a Tsurikawa from a scrapped Japanese bus by a friend from the local old-school car club, and an aftermarket exhaust just to liven up the feel when driving it.

                  The engine has remained stock however, with general periodic maintenance here and there - as well as an overhaul from a few months back when I was losing too much oil.

                  Celebrated 2 years with the car last March, and though in terms of restoration or modification we haven't really made much progress, I think all the adventures and trips have become worthwhile.

                  Going up the touge to the Scout camp for much needed drive therapy.

                  At Clark International Speedway. Been at the track occasionally these past few months because we got an opportunity to shoot videos for a local race organizing team. With that being said, the track bug has bit me quite badly.

                  The most significant change in the exterior could be the acquisition of JDM bumpers recently for the front (plus a chin) and rear, they need quite a lot of work still with regard to fitment and paint, since they're currently white. Debating if I should go back to the 1989 look with the all-black bumpers, or the 1990-1992 look with the body-colored ones. Considering my old Kouki AE86-inspired paint scheme as well.


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                    Small update

                    - Fixed the overheating issues with a radiator overhaul
                    - Fixed the misalignment of the center part of the front bumper by installing the missing support bar for the JDM bumper
                    - Installed a hand-me-down 2-point front strut tower bar

                    That's all for now.


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                      DIY'd filling and painting the front and rear JDM bumpers courtesy of a good friend. Definitely looks a lot cleaner now!

                      First photo from After Midnight. Thank you!

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