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  • Coughing RA42

    Interestingly enough, After I had bolted my Weber 32/36 on it, the car ran like clockwork. It was smooth and it was perfect. A month or two ago. I came back to it today and the car wouldn't start, I double checked everything, and the darn thing would not start. Checked all the Vac lines. And everything seemed fine. Wont start. Though when I had cut the power after starting, the car would cough or sputter very briefly. Any ideas?

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    Have the jets come loose? Tends to happen in Webers. Does it have a choke or fuel shut off solenoid?
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      It's kind of doubtful, this carb is brand spanking new. I'm about to go check the plugs and distributor cap.


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        Check the timing and put new spark plugs
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          Doesn't matter if it's new man -___- I've bought brand new DCOE's and the jets were loose, Hell I've bought $300 fuel pumps that haven't worked. Also, You didn't even answer my other questions :/
          As a fellow RA40 enthusiast...

          I was just trying to help.
          "When you start a tornado, and you are the tornado. Do not bitch about being the tornado."
          - Marilyn Manson


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            hi can you post some pix of your connection, does it use your stock air filter box or an open filter one, thanks
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              Oh wow I thought I had, Sorry about that,

              It's a water choke, and it does have solenoid.

              The other thing is, I've been trying to narrow the issue down, I ended up replacing the Distrib. Rotor, New spark plugs. The other day I went to check the spark and out of the sever times the engine turned over, it gve me a really weak yellowish colored arc, and I know it's supposed to be blue. As of now, I'm looking to replace the Igniter. I'm looking at a MSD PN 6200 series to replace it with. The coil is brand new, that I shouldn't have to worry about.

              As for the Air Filter, I use the stock one due to the possibility of failing Visual inspection. I have the adapter for it, though I wish I could have gotten the electric choke, the Air cleaner doesn't sit well with thermostat hoses hooked up to the side of the 32/36


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                That is a super awesome celica! My buddy showed me a few pictures of your ride.