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New guy here with a 1985 Toyota Crown Royal Saloon.

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  • New guy here with a 1985 Toyota Crown Royal Saloon.

    Hey everyone, I just figured I'd join up on the forums and share some pics of my current daily driver, and to see if anyone else has any cool info/links about the Crown..

    Well first of all, The car is an 85 Crown Royal Saloon G Edition - This thing has absolutely every luxury option wanted. The car was imported from Japan to Vancouver, BC Canada, where we can import any car that is over 15 years old... so we have alot of japanese imports here.

    I picked this car up for $600, and it's a pretty solid car. Has a 6M in it with 80000km's on the odo. The car has a weird Velvet interior, Power seats, power folding mirrors, dual zone auto climate control, a "cool box" (fridge almost) in the rear parcel tray, power reclining rear seats, power memory tilt/telescopic steering, fully digital dash, etc...

    It has a bit of damage to it, the passenger side corner light is broken, and there are a couple dings in it, all from the previous owner.

    On to the pics:

    And I've had fun with it a couple of times, I tend to do this more in my track car though.

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    Nice car!

    Amazing how many similarities there are to my 1986 Mazda Luce:

    ...even down to the "Scale Change" on the fuel guage
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      Nice base car for a VIP setup~
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        hi, nice to meet owners of different generations of the Crown

        This is what I think is the best crown link on the net

        Very luxurious ride! you banged a great bargain. :tu:
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          wow very nice clean car :tu:


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            $600? :shock:

            I'm moving to Canada...


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              Damn, that's awesome. And I'm jealous. It's a Japanese import then, yes? That's pretty random someone would import something like that to Canada in the first place, and then let go of it so cheap. Do you know the backstory at all or...?
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                Stationwagonguy: Yeah, its a Japanese import. It doesn't really make sense of how I got it for so cheap, as to import and leagalize the car it costs around $1500 minimum for shipping and inspections etc, then there's the cost of the car ontop of that... other than that I'm not too sure of the story behind it, I'm thinking it has been through a few owners hands before mine, as the previous owner was moving and didnt want to take it, but didnt mention anything about importing it themselves.

                Does anyone have any pictures of these crowns modified at all? or have any info as to any other North American market cars it may share parts with? I need to figure this out as the brakes are starting to get to the end of their life, and the suspension is totally shot. Though the suspension might be an issue as it has that dampening/stiffness/height or whatever adjustable suspenion, and each strut has 2 hydraulic lines going into it... (the car has a sport mode and a normal mode for the suspension, I think its called TEMS)

                Only thing that I know is the same is that it has the same differential carrier type as the MK3 supras and MK1 soarers...


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                  Hi Jiggy,
                  That's a great buy, even if you have to do a few things. Must have been well looked after to be so clean. Will last another 20 years for sure.
                  In Australia there were quite a few Crowns sold as they were avaliable till the end of 1988. Engine and transmission parts are common to the Toyota Cressida. Suspension is different. You might want to check out toymods to see mods. I would personally leave the car original, maybe a drop would be nice. Good luck and enjoy.


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                    Re: New guy here with a 1985 Toyota Crown Royal Saloon.

                    Originally posted by jiggy

                    this inspires me :mrgreen: :twisted: :tu:
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                      Looks nice man, REAL nice. I really dig that interior.
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                        wow...awesome car !!! i need to get on up to canada and find something like this
                        SPARKLE GARAGE
                        雷 - BANG !!!



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                          wow!!! love the interior
                          Me: JTIN Classics:


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                            Hey Kev,
                            What's a Mazda Luce? I've never seen one on the road so far and I must have seen a million cars this year. Could be your sitting on a gold mine.
                            Do you know of any Japanese import Crowns between 1980 - 1988 available? I need to buy myself a Christmas gift before the oil companies and RTA gets theirs. (rego for those outside of Australia).