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1980s subaru, custom beam

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  • 1980s subaru, custom beam

    thought I would share this. I hav a 1987 subaru, dual rnage. My neck of the woods breaks these like candy in the darndest places...just staying road worthy. :roll:

    I found two beams that really needed to be there. I made some..

    if you can decipher above, it gently meets the center carrier in the tunnel, and the square end is where the rear seat bolts go through...
    the other end is this:

    and here is another angle:

    this has proven to fix every other error I welded. I am in 12 full mig reels, 2 pounds a pice.. and greater than 32 sq feet of sheet, and 4 spring steel rods.

    I could have save alot of effort with these beams installed...your creaking sube is telling you something. :wink:

    one final shot:

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    Thanks for sharing your work with us. So you added those beams to fix a creaking problem or was the car falling apart from rust?

    '81 Datsun 210


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      I think it's great that Subaru ran the fuel and brake lines inside the car to keep them corrosion free. Nice!
      '81 Datsun 210


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        Re: 1980s subaru, custom beam

        been nearly 5 years for this post.
        Still have the same car. now registered as antique.

        Alot of work since then, but I'll add facts on the engine. Engine #3..

        The engine is extremely rare, from a 1985 subaru RX. A 1 in 1500 on the production. Upon my own experience of 17 years non-stop.. I built my version of an EA82, using the best of everything from a 1985 to 1994.

        multiport turbo heads
        sodium filled valves removed for loyale version
        simply cleaned up
        new valve seals
        these heads do indeed have a liner added to the coolant side to be tougher.

        loyale shortblock, healthy.
        loyale cams, turbo casings (fat bottom bearings)
        intake and cam casings baked with silica based paint.

        compression is near 10 to 1.
        fuel is summit 140gpg, full return, pressure regulated, 43mm rochester carb.
        exhaust is equal header, alot of stainless. no smaller than 2 inch.

        clutch is spec stage 1 - this car would not take off with factory clutch.
        15 inch peugeot wheels 205/60/15 bf goodrich

        ignition is msd 6530 with map sensor, 8,8 mm wires, and subaru optical.

        cooling is brass copper CSF radiator, exact fit for this generation (not easy to find)

        nissan 90 amp alternator, direct fit.

        I built this in january, has not had a proper burn in yet. Awaiting warmer weather. Without surprise, it simply sounds like the first of the EJ series engines in the early 90s..with a little more hummingbird at idle.

        All lights are LED... alot of things not mentioned.

        congrats on the drive episode, attention deserved.


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          Is the Offenhauser air cleaner top for the Subaru or is that something adapted?


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            Originally posted by zdriver123 View Post
            Is the Offenhauser air cleaner top for the Subaru or is that something adapted?
            sorry I visit not enough.

            the offenahuser is for a mcullough supercharger in the 1940s. the father of paxton.
            those types are just catching on today.
            very prophetic piece. People are still making sheet metal lids.
            This offy lid is outdone due to 4 barrel neck sizes changing in the 1950s.
            just sits around. Great for a 1 barrel.

            the car is sitting more than ever, and glad to be able to do so.
            The engine has cleaned right up to the highest compression I have had for the ea82 engines.
            the msd6530 digital map is a tight one.

            3 degrees btdc is the idle.
            fuel is at 8-10 pounds for the rochester 43mm, full return.

            I have not had an engine that tight since a dodge 318 of the early 70s.
            I also continued with photos and video, will make a point to update photos with my DSLR.

            will be back with a video and some photos.
            I learned it is a one of none for my state in the U.s.a..
            rare is the word.

            I do have a you tube channel..
            I think I have this running last year (first runs on the rare build)


            also this year, I rummage through local new england forums for an excuse to drive this buggy around... finding other japanese cars is not easy in the north.
            antique laws have restrictions, but gatherings is allowed. Car shows etc.
            I may take it to the subaru "wicked big meet" towing with my truck. Epping is along the way for me, I wanted to try my truck there.
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