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1986 Subaru Leone STi Turbo

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  • so since quarantine I've been busy in the shop.

    picked up a Full Race twin scroll headers to match's my sedan set up

    Borge Warner EFR 7163 takes care of the turbo with internal gated & bov

    some 4 pot / 2 pot action to match the sedan set up, also got stainless steel pistons made up front and rear for thermal and rust prevention

    got a personal specific torque plate made for my EJ22T blocks, proper thickness of the head was used so it match torque strengthens

    torque plate results, yes it makes a difference for sure

    time to assemble the wagon engine, the the spare motor for the sedan or the wagon lol

    what its going to look like

    can't have a new motor with out a good transmission, so I took apart my spare STi 6mt to change some synchros so its smooth like butter.


    • all primed up and ready for the single stage white paint job to match my sedan

      here is the pistons I made and got wrinkle red powder coated my valve covers

      so after trying to rebuild my steering rack it seems that seals are impossible to source so !

      The old school Subaru guys are going to find this one interesting !

      1986-93 GL-10 TURBO engine Crossmember
      1991-04 New age Subaru Steering rack

      what we have here is a option that I can take advantage of

      18:0 GL-10 steering ratio
      15:1 STI 2004 steering ratio ( my new rack is on the way 😁✌️)


      • Common Dutch name!

        You made some extreme nice builds!!!
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        • Originally posted by mielko View Post
          Common Dutch name!

          You made some extreme nice builds!!!

          I'm italiano Nico
          my wagon is supposed to be less extreme, I'm trying to keep it simple but that never happens haha

          Single Stage White 80's paint for my 88 GL-10 TURBO


          • today was exciting !. A 2004 Subaru STi Steering rack showed up, its time to install this into my old school 80s subaru engine cross member

            so here is the issue, the lines need to be a little bit longer and then you move the bracket over to where the fancy factory sticker is.

            take the bracket off and move the lines out the way, so there we have it, it fits right in the spot.

            also we have to make it look original that's how I roll, sometimes lol !!
            with the same bracket I cut out the U shape a little more, this way I can bolt it up like stock. then I flipped the bracket around so I can put the bolt on the top, this makes it easier to install.
            you have to bend the lines into place for a little length which you can do by hand.

            Ps: you have to enlarge the holes on the crossmember beforehand, and then cut the pocket out on the opposing side so the lines can stick out

            what I gained from doing this

            18:0 GL-10 Steering ratio to a impressive 15:1 04 STi Ratio, that's 4 ratios quicker. id say that's more impressive then everyone only upgrading from 15:0 to 13:0 (3 ratios )


            • well the sedan is out of storage and ready to get the upgrade steering rack

              half of the wagon came home lol, guess its time to install stuff

              so we know the motor and transmission fit but this little turbo has a issue, had a feeling this was going to happen but there is a fix :banana:. Borger Warner makes a shorter wastegate and bracket for this very reason


              • my room of mess and my SS made pistons along with pins so there is never rust


                • no more need for the hoist so its time to work outside and finish this wagon

                  test fit


                  • finally found the 5mt trim plastic for the Leone and bonus button that will go with it

                    also found in Japan new door tops

                    picked up a factory set of JDM Leone RX floor mats in grey to match my car super rare

                    got my interior in


                    • Goodridge brake lines made up in all SS including the bolts

                      picked up a set of VOLK RAYS 16x8 ET42 5x100 Wheels so I can put the power down the some bigger rubber 225/45R16

                      had them sandblasted and they will be white


                      • found a original front lip in Japan so it looks like the sedan

                        was time to take care of the intercooler and like the sedan I got a nice BELL intercooler made up

                        the bumper plastic isn't bolted up that's why it sits like that or else it will sit straight, I have a brand new skin coming in


                        • got the turbo sorted out so the wastegate won't hit the wall

                          SS feed lines and fittings so never rust

                          got my PROvent 200 all set up so it can catch all the oil

                          also add the radiator cap on the radiator like the factory had it so its clean and works flawlessly

                          2 x 12" opal fans made in Italy, the driver side has a bigger HD motor then the slim passenger side


                          • Setrab oil cooler fits so nice ill have to convert the sedan to this model soon


                            • these Subarus don't really have a proper toe adjustment so I came up with a heim joint with threads so I can adjust the Alignment much easier, and its all made out of SS so it will never rust

                              original subaru leone

                              Version 1 : hard to adjust live on the alignment rack.

                              Ver II perfection !

                              made this long time ago for the bushings in the arms now the wagon will have all pillow ball heim joint ride like the sedan


                              • ordered up the aluminum tubes for the intercooler and radiator pipes

                                first step was get the radiator pipes made up, lower & up pipes for both sedan and wagon

                                more alignment goodnesses stuff in SS, radial rod fully adjustable for caster & centering the hub under the body of the car.