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SSR Wheel Restoration - Star Shark, Formula and EX-C Mesh

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    Re: SSR Wheel Restoration - Star Shark, Formula and EX-C Mes

    Alright thanks, will look at that.

    Yeah there are some importers in the UK, maybe i should contact them sometime. :P

    Anyway. Love your collection, especially the Star Sharks!


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      Hello everybody. I know this is a rather old post but hope someone is still following this thread. I am writing from Italy and own, since 1995, a 1.8 mx5 na. I have several sets of wheels and recently got hold of a set of 14" SSR mark III in the plain silver colour. I was wondering, since I couldn't find any useful info on the net (and actually pretty rude answers from SSR dealers and import companies) if anybody here could help me with a color code.
      I would like to make them in orange or gold (two of the option colors you can order from SSR).
      See below my set and a pic of the orange version I am looking for.
      Any kind of help will be much appreciated.
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