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Old Wheel catalogue Thread:ROTA/ Commodore/Silverwind

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  • Old Wheel catalogue Thread:ROTA/ Commodore/Silverwind

    Maybe this might be a good idea.

    To post Old catalogues of Aluminum and magnesium Wheels for reference.

    Found these old catalogues of ROTA Italia ( Now known as ROTA ) and Commodore Mag Wheels in my room. Manufactured in the Philippines to share. Circa 1985 and 1988 issues.
    Got these from Transhows way back in Manila.

    These wheels were exported around the world. All rims were available in the local market. Some may have similarities with popular brands during that time , we call it replicas.

    COMMODORE Light Alloy Wheels 1988 Edition

    Kyalami model looks like Gotti Mags, Paul Richard model looks like ATS, Hokenheim and Indy 500 looks like Enkei, Turbo and GTO looks like Compomotives, Safari Rally looks like Advans.

    COMMODORE Light Alloy Wheels International Edition

    ROTA- ITALIA Lizencia Italia
    By PAWI Philippine Aluminum Wheels Inc.

    During those times, ROTA Italia made Mag Wheels were the first choice in brand. Rota Italia is also an OEM wheel supplier to Mitsubishi Philippines and Nissan Philippines. Toyota Motors Phils. during those times was closed and re opened its operations in 1989.

    Now Rota is the largest wheel manufacturer in the Philippines. Exporting to more than 20 countries around the world.

    Commodore on the other hand is now closed.

    Other Local manufacturer brands include Rallye ( no longer in operation ) and Silverwind are also top quality wheel manufacturers.


    They make great replicas of Enkei, Ewing,BBS, MiniLite light alloy wheels.

    As you can see in the pictures, looks like the real thing!!!

    And there was also a brand MV Limbos, a local manufacturer rumored to have been using Recycled aluminum which was prone to cracking and breaking due to inferior methods of casting.

    Very popular wheels coz original ones were very expensive then. Local Replica Wheels that time cost around $150.00 to $200.00 for a set of 4 wheels compared to originals worth around $500.00 up for a set Brand New.

    RALLYE Wheel Catalogue

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    Good piece of info. Thanks for posting. :tu:
    Datsun 210=Love


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      Silverwind catalogue added


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        silverwind... :tu:
        what happened to the company??..
        I LUV JNC


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          Awesome idea! Hope to see more catalogs


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            sir can you enlarge the 2nd page of the rota italia i just want to know the name of the rims


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              So that's what they're called! "Berlina 198?" for stock Lancer GSRs.. Thanks for the info Jetto!

              BTW.. Silverwind actually made exact replicas of AP Racing etc.?? OMG :shock:

              Can you give us some tips on how to spot one? (Silverwind replicas)

              Thanks again!

              @Angelo - the BBS mesh that someone is selling at the OSP threads might be replicas also...


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                ROTA- Italia Wheel catalogue

                ROTA Italia Wheel Catalogue ( ENLARGED )

                Page 1

                Strada- Triax- Quattro- Kitt- Ferrari 1- Auster- Mundial- Cender
                Alfetta- Comp Plus II- Gizmo- Supra- ATC- M. Benz 1- Corsica- Arjo
                Fuego- Vittorio- Dish- Compe- Mitz300- M. Benz II- BEZ3 Targa

                Page 2

                Cinturato- Conti Plus- Mundo- Sentra- Alpina- Golf- Sofija MIC3
                Component- SAAB- Berlina- Bavaria- Torino- Aero- BEZ4- BM3/BM4
                AP-4 - Ghia- JESI- Veloce- Anza- Stratos II- Ferrari II- Astron

                All Rota wheels are cast with ROTA brand or Licenza Italia.

                Silverwind and Commodore models :not all models have brand markings.

                The difference between these replicas from originals is that these are mono cast wheels ( they may look like a 2 piece or 3 piece wheel but in fact they are not ) They just look like it. The allen bolts are just decorations, you cannot disassemble the wheel.

                And lastly they are heavier than the originals.

                Silverwind still manufactures, but these designs are no longer in production.


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                  All along, I thought ATC (the ATS replicas) were manufactured in Singapore.. that's what the old school rim-gurus always tells me..

                  SUPER THANKS FOR THESE INFOS JETTO! :tu:
                  I promise to kiss you when I see you! (haha gay! :mrgreen: )


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                    JETTO... the ROTA 1st page... cant read it, what is the 3rd over from the left 2nd down... it look like what i have on my car...Thanks


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                      for ctmandu: i wrote the models names below each page. please read.

                      for junraymond: ATC is Rota's imitation of ATS 8x13, Torino is Rota's imitation of ATS 6X13. made in the Philippines.
                      The guy who told you its made in singapore is misinformed.
                      He might have sourced it from singapore but it was exported there from the philippines.
                      A lot of people claim to be gurus, if they dont have proof its merely heresay, the problem today is that a lot of people are having interest on old cars and the lifestyle people had before and they turn to the wrong people for answers.
                      its good that there are sites like these to clearly inform them the correct facts.

                      By the way ROTA also exports wheels to japan. I have japanese magazines showing Rota wheels for sale in the Japanese Domestic Market.


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                        very cool thread with all this oldskool wheel info. alright so just to clarify something. ive always had some rims that i was told where the older version of the rota rb. they seem to be the strada rims in the catalog. i never would have guessed my rims where made in the 80s. they are 13x8 +4 offset. the only problem with mine is theres a curb rash and corrosion under the clear coat which ive been told is a common problem with the older rotas.(any idea how to get ride of it, I was thinking bout spray painting them but now am a lil skiddish on doing that knowing they are oldskool rims). heres a pic of the rim. jetto these are strada not rb correct just making sure. salamat :tu:


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                          Did you see Rota's new line of wheels?
                          They are copying designs of Work Equip and Work SP2R among others.


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                            to zulu:

                            looking closely at the catalogue, the strada is not the same with your rota.
                            strada's banana are more tapered, and there are no writings near the center cap.

                            the centercap design is old school, most likely a redesigned strada.

                            you could have it polished but i advise you not to take the allen bolts off, theyre prone to breaking.


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                              I'd give my middle nut for a set of commodore turbo's
                              '70 sl350, '86 spree, '88 cressida