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    I need help choosing new tires for my truck. I want something cohesive to drive on any terrain. My initial choice is to get something from Nitto tires, but BF Goodrich KO2 caught my attention as well. BF Goodrich KO2 versatile traction to any given terrain and road hazard is convincing for me. I just need to reaffirm my decision; that's why I'm asking anyone their perspective about the choice of my tires. I appreciate any insights regarding this.
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    KO2 is a great model.


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      I had the same tires on my Nissan Patrol, I always loved to go offroad with it and those tires were perfect. So don't hesitate to buy them, you will do the right choice. Also you can check on the internet for some tire reviews and buying guide because there are many websites which contains a lot of information and lists about the best tires of the season. I always search for something good when I need to change my tires and there are always better models then previous. I am sure you will find something good!
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