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  • Hino Contessa article on ViaRETRO

    Hey guys!

    Sorry, but since leaving Hong Kong and selling my beloved '77 Toyota Trueno Sprinter 1600GT back in the summer of 2015, more than anything I've been a bit of a lurker here in JNC. Sad really as I used to be very active on the forum. I just don't feel that I have much to contribute with, now that I no longer own a Nippon classic of my own. One day - eventually - that will change though! My passion for Japanese classics is still strong as ever, so I will be back as an active owner...

    In the meantime, I've recently started working on a web-based classic car magazine with two good mates of mine. We're not in any way basing it around Japanese classics, so we're certainly not a competitor with JNC! We're much more of a broad, all-inclusive classic car site. But with my interest for Nippon steel, I obviously try to incorporate a bit of that on our site every so often. Just today we've published an small article on the Hino Contessa 1300. I thought I'd try to share it with you lot. First of all because I genuinely hope it'll be of some interest to you guys. But secondly also because I reckon the enthusiasts of JNC could possibly be our toughest critics on an article like this. ;-) And we want that critic - because how else can we improve? So please - if you have the time, read the article, and then let us know what we're doing right, what you thought of the Contessa article, and most certainly also what we could do to improve ViaRETRO further. Much appreciated guys!

    Also, please feel free to leave a quick reply to the article on the ViaRETRO site. Thx Gents!
    Us classic car enthusiasts tend to romanticize about the car industry as a whole or at least about the car industry of yesteryear. Sales failures become
    It's not what you drive - it's how you drive it...

    Best Regards,

    JDM '77 Toyota Trueno 1600GT Sprinter (TE61)
    + a handful of classic BMW's from the 60's and 70's.