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1992 Daihatsu Cuore (Mira) L201 Convertible

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  • 1992 Daihatsu Cuore (Mira) L201 Convertible

    So, about five and a half years back I introduced myself and my 1983 Mitsubishi Galant. I haven't been active for a while, but I have something interesting to share.

    Last week a Facebook add for a Daihatsu Cuore convertible popped up on my feed. I love these kind of oddities, but after a quick look I went on scrolling through facebook as the car was sold at the other side of the country anyway. Later however I thought: I am going to the Zandvoort Circuit for the annual Dutch version of Japfest this weekend and the car is for sale about half an hour away from there. So I sent a message to the seller to take a look at the car sunday evening after the Japfest event. In the meanwhile I searched the internet for more information about the car and the convertible conversion. According to the add there where a total of 20 Cuores changed into convertibles (although at the inspection/testdrive the seller said probably 40 of these conversions where done). I've managed to find a post on the German Daihatsu forum about an Ebay-add for an L201 convertible. Unfortunately the add has disappeared as the post is from 2006. One of the reactions however, speaks about a German company named L÷wer and an (I believe) Polish/German company named POP-Automobile. That is at the moment the only thing I know of the convertible conversion. I am going to ask on that forum if anyone knows more about this car/conversion.

    So after a nice day at the Zandvoort Circuit I started the short journey to the seller. I made a testdrive, inspected everything I could see or check on the car and the only two problems I could find are oil hanging on the exhaust (I haven't found the source, but the engine is clean as far as I saw from the engine bay) and a cable (I think from the clutch or gearbox) that touches the exhaust somewhat. The testdrive went smooth, engine starts great, runs great and even has a remarkable amount of power for the weight of the car. So after taking some pics I started on my journey back home, agreeing I would think it over for the drive home and message the seller that evening if I wanted to buy it or not.

    After considering it a bit and talking it over with a friend I decided to bid on the car. The seller went along with the bid and we agreed to pick up the car the next day (yesterday). It took some organizing, and eventually it became clear the seller didn't have the code to transfer the ownership of the car. But the seller is taking care of that so I can transfer it to my name later this week. Anyway, I drove the car to the storage where I keep my Galant. I've driven about 160km without any problems, except for one of the turning lights that needs replacement (probably the reason the seller suggested the best test drive route was turning right most of the time XD). As the APK (Dutch MOT) is almost expired, I am going to order all the parts needed for maintenance and everything I need to replace, but it shouldn't be too long before that will be completed and it wil get a fresh APK.

    So apart from showing a few more pics of this lovely little car there is one thing to do: I want to ask if anyone knows more about this car or convertible conversion. Every piece of info is welcome, as I want to know more about the car.

    It is originally a 3-door Cuore/Mira, I don't know which trim. The first registration is from 12 June 1992, so just like myself it will be 25 years old in a few weeks. It is imported in november 2001 to the Netherlands, probably originally from Germany. It also has two convertible roofs: the one with the windows in it and one in a kind of coupe style without windows in it.

    '83 Mitsubishi Galant 1600 GLX

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    Cool Mira Marv, being a daihatsu fan i recommend checking out on facebook and There both australian sites i'm on but there are alot of mira cuore owners. I'm not much help though sorry mate i'm more into charades.


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      Thanks Welby, I just registered on that website.
      '83 Mitsubishi Galant 1600 GLX


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        I did wonder who ended up buying it! Nice one indeed!
        ​Daiforum surely is one of best sources when it comes to Cuore/Mira knowledge. In English anyway.
        There is a dutch Daihatsu club on Facebook also. I don't know if you've been there yet?


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          Thanks for the info Roadrunner, I will take a look at that Dutch Daihatsu club on Facebook. I still have to check that German forum I found the info on too, to see if they have more information. But I haven't had any time for it yet.

          I did have time to order some parts though, so I think I will have anything at the beginning of next week. I will change most of the fluids, the sparkplugs and all the filters just to be sure, and at that moment I will take a better look under the car to see if anything else needs to be done. If that doesn't show any alarming problems I will make an appointment for the APK (MOT) for it as soon as possible. I don't want to wait too long to drive this lovely car with the current weather.
          '83 Mitsubishi Galant 1600 GLX